Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World

THIS SONG IS DEDICATED TO MY MUM WHO PASSED DECEMBER 26 ,2016. MAY SHE REST IN JESUS'S GLORY AND PEACECLICK HER FOR A RARE VOCAL ORIGINAL VERSION ...Note: You will keep a civil tongue here or get deleted.Louis Armstrong Lived from (August 4, 1901 -- July 6, 1971), and he is greatly missed by many.DISCLAIMER: All photos, stills, clips and music are property of their respective owners. No intention of copyright infringement. Made just for fun and sharing

Armstrong Louis What Wonderful World

Al Fin
My grandfather and his brothers were jazz musicians. In the 1930s they jammed with Louie Armstrong in the jazz clubs that used to be along Western Ave in Los Angeles....
Amy Amirault
This song is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
Anthony Sullivan
Rest In Peace to your mom man, much respect
Anto 2x
This song just makes me think of myself growing up lol. Idk why I just get into deep thought about how I used to be little.
Armoni Hooks
i am in tears
I burst into tears when I listen to this.
Azim AJ Hirji
RIP May your Mum share a cup of tea with My Mum. God Bless, Stay Blessed and Love a Little.
Bailey's Fishing
this song makes me want to cry, and I dont know why! ;D
Barbara Walters
Good morning everybody [=
Benjamin Cunningham
My mom told me that this was the song that came on the radio when she was taking me home from the hospital when I was born. Also I am in a sing class at school and we sang this song this song is the most beautiful song I have ever hearded
Just finished reading Jojo part 6
Brendan Ohara
fantastic louie Armstrong the man
C.O.D. Sniper
This made me cry tears of joy
If only the world was like this..
Che Guevara
such a short life so much hate/war in the world
Chef Oppai-San
This belongs in fallout 4
Cherie Jones
danced with my daughter at her wedding to this song...did not see too many dry eyes
This was one of my grandma's favorite songs, and it became one of my favorite childhood songs after I was introduced to it because of her. It was like our special song. She passed away 3 years ago, and this song was played at her memorial service along with a photo montage. I'll always remember how the very last photo shown as the song was fading out was a picture of her and me when I was a little kid walking hand in hand towards the sunset on the beach. So I can't help but tear up a bit when I hear this song. I still miss her so much and this song makes me a little sad, but it also makes me smile and reminds me of the happy times we had.
Christa Brown
beautiful song. I think of my uncle in heaven when I hear it
Chunky Chum
Finding Dory? I knew this before that but it made me come back here
We have to thank god for having us to live in a beautiful world and to be grateful no matter what race, what religion or anything it does not matter we have to be in unity and to love each other.
Corrina Rittenhouse
This is the song that plays when I clock out of work and I have the whole weekend off.
These beautiful world only exist in pictures now
Daniel Jones
This song always puts a smile on my face
Edward Hernandez
this song for some reason for me it brings back memories
Emma Harrington
2 my late great grandpa Charlie Harrington ty 4 singing this 2 me and take care of mommy 4 me 4 me...mummy +Pamela Harrington rest ok n paradise for me
finding dory
Esteban Espinoza
pucci reset world
Farah Almasri
I don't get it , why do people dislike this video ? It's a wonderful song
Anyone here from Madagascar but actually loves the song 👌🏻
This song is capable of being so happy yet so sad :D
Frosty Phoenix
I played this piece on a public piano in a mall once and I really got carried away and forgot everything around me. Then a sniff sound on the side got me back to reality and there was an elderly woman telling me with tears in her eyes how I just reminded her of her dead husband who used to love life to the fullest and who sang this song to her every time she was sad. \nThere also were like 20 people behind me listening and they all had this dreamy look on their faces, \nsomehow this song's harmonies and melody makes people feel at ease and very peaceful..
Fuzzy Karma
Jerra Dolan
played this at my daddy's funeral :(
This song reminds you that despite everything going on in the world right now, there is still good out there.
John Edem
Louise Amstrong. A great living Legend.
John Johnson
Came here from reddit.... where they were talking about best massacre songs.
Finding dory
Julian Bacon
My dog died yesterday night I didn't see him he lived 6 years with me
Kappa ainee
1:38 that picture killed my peaceful mood.
Katherine Motley
I listen to this song every morning when I get up--beautiful song
Kevin Bolsajian
This is the video i used to watch when i was younger and was my absolute favorite song im going to cry
Kirito Kazuto
this song reminds me of god
Lashawn Miller
Beautiful...Wonderful...Thoughtful...Peaceful...Pretty in the skys...And I think to my self...What a wonderful World...
Lima Bean
Wow this YouTube chat is peaceful :)
I can't tell if it's pain or happiness I hear.
Luz Zavala
love this song
Beautiful song. Louis Armstrong was really the best.
Red roses too.
Maria Francesca Avvisati
Un ricordo che sempre ho avuto nel mio cuore di ragazza ,anni son passati ora una Donna sono con cuore di ragazza , questo è il motivo delle mie emozioni , spesso sono intense da strappare lacrime che dolcemente rigano le mie gote, questa meravigliosa con interpretazione ,e frasi che raggiungono il cuore la musica dolce parla per lui. Ringrazio con affetto colui che ha voluto inviarvi questo brano , anche per altri brani bellissimi.
Mark henry
What a wonderful song.
Marlena Sutherin
we need more music like Louie Armstrong's I may be young but I love the song and it sure brings out the personality and Louie we miss you
Ose Odia
any one reading this hope you have a wonderful day
It's the most beautiful song I have ever heard!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Pacman Troll
Madagascar and Finding Dory brought me here
Hard to believe he saw all this stuff on the moon, and on drugs too!
And I think to my self\nWhat a wonderful song
Ray Shuler
Louis, Here's remembering you with a Lotta Love, forever. See you in Heaven. --- Ray Shuler & The Doors 11/27/16
Richard Jani
Richard Proud
One of the most beautiful songs ever but quite hard for me because it was the first song I heard the day my dad died .
Sam Sami
Ladies and Gentlemen:  Please, stand up for earth anthem.
Sammy Sam
My wife has Bipolar, and everytime she has an episode and I'm able to help her calm down, I shut the rest of the world off and let Louis sing to me
Sarina Xiong
when I was in kindergarten, we would sing to this song for our school showcase and walk around the gym holding cardboard trees, flowers and clouds
I see trees of green, red roses too\nRed roses too, red roses too\nAnd I think to myself, red roses too\n\nI see skies of blue, red roses too\nThe bright blessed day, red roses too\nAnd I think to myself, red roses too\n\nThe colors of the red roses so pretty in the sky\nAre also on the faces of red roses too\nI see red roses too saying how do you do\nThey're really saying red roses too\n\nI hear red roses too, I watch them grow\nThey'll learn much more than red roses too\nAnd I think to myself red roses too\nYes I think to myself red roses too.
Who else doesn't have a sad story and just wants to listen to the song?
Standard Trevor
This is as literal as the \
Tebogo Kopanye
like I don't understand anyone who would give a thumps down to this effortlessly beautiful song.
Till Redner
I didn't even know this was in Finding Dory\n\nI came here because I needed to be reminded that despite everything there is still good in the world. I don't want to ignore the bad because that isn't helpful but I don't want to dwell there either. I want to remember to see the good in people, the love, the kindness and the potential for a greater tomorrow.
Triumphs 4 Me
If the world had an anthem, this would be it. Brilliant just brilliant
Sorry about your mum, mate. Thanks for making this video.
i think this song can make anyone cry
Vigo 894
Anyone else here picture flying fish?
Vladimir Janjos
I see trees of green, \nred roses too. \nI see them bloom, \nfor me and you. \nAnd I think to myself,\nwhat a wonderful world. \n\nI see skies of blue, \nAnd clouds of white. \nThe bright blessed day, \nThe dark sacred night. \nAnd I think to myself, \nWhat a wonderful world. \n\nThe colors of the rainbow, \nSo pretty in the sky. \nAre also on the faces, \nOf people going by, \nI see friends shaking hands. \nSaying, \
Who came to hear this after watching Finding Dori?!?!?! \u003c3...\nShut up, I'm not immature, I'm 15...
Water Bug
There are a lot of Sick and Evil People in this Wonderful World. A Normal Human Being could never give this Song a \
In the end you couldn't escape your own 'gravity', Pucci.
I listen to this because it is the song that my grandma wanted to be played at her funeral so it reminds me of her 😔
William Strehl
America voted a new president. But this song reminds me that no matter what happens, the world goes on, and nature will renew itself.
Yanni Agrotis
I was sitting in music class with my crush and the teacher put this song on and I wanted to cry because the world is not wonderful and I kept thinking of how my crush does bad things to herself. after class I went to my car and cried into the steering wheel for a few minutes
In the new year let us have tollerance for everyone,some compassion as well.Let there be peace for a change Let the religious zealots  be quiet and be peaceful .Let living be the new norm instead of killing. Our world is fragile and the only place we have, so treat it well .Lets all try to be better this up coming year than last year .Let us atleast try ......To make it a Wonderful World.
bbyg daya
I love his voice!!!!!😭😭😭😭💕💕💕💕I'm doing a report on you Louis R.I.P😭😭😭✌💕💕💕
big the log splitter
Kinda makes me think that this should be put into Fallout as a song for the intro.
butt scratcher
I gain more faith in humanity when I hear this someone help me I can't keep myself away from myself
If only people would know more to appreciate this world and people around us, this world would truly be wonderful.
Red roses too...
gab gab
This song makes me happy :)) \n\n\n\n\n\n\nIt is truly a wonderful world God has given to us. 🙂
Anyone amagining a car falling off a cliff,into water?
ionut teodor
The wonderful world will be,when you will go to heaven :)
kian raissian
Sounds like where Louis is right now
l Nytro l
Wow i remember seeing this last year time goes by fast
RIP old music
My grandpa died nine years ago. I was three years old. I really miss him tonight. Since I don’t really have very many memories of him I don’t have my nostalgic nights filled with memories of him but tonight is really killing me. I always told my mom when he died that he would come back and at his visitation I told people to be quiet be cause he was ‘sleeping’. I don’t know why, but this song makes me think of him. I just want to talk to him and my grandma who died 2 months ago right now. Today I kept hearing my grandma’s laugh in my mind. I’ve been sick the last couple of days so I took a bath and just walked down memory lane. I hope they know how much I miss them. I love you guys.\n~Grace~
how I feel when I do good on a test I thought I might fail.
life is a beautiful thing. don't take it for granted.
what a wonderful world!
I love this song SOOOOOOO much ❤️❤️❤️\nLike if u agree!!!!!!
One of the greatest songs ever made.
All these many years later Brian after your funeral seeing you off as my grandfather in 2006 after cancer finally beat you after your hard fight I still shed hard faught tears listening to this song not only because it is beautiful but because you were a loving beautiful man I feel proud in 2017 to still think of you and your awesomeness being a great grandfather! Miss you gramps! Thanks for the upload.
life is a wonder and the world wonderful. many thanks for the video.