The Flash 5×01 Barry helps Nora travel home

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Nora is f'in ADORABLE!!!!
Alyson Nascimento
Algum velosista de 6099?
Amari Adams
Barry shenoplexiloty will dertermine on if nora can match his speed or else the speed force will colebrtrate or explode
Anshita Kashyap
Can anyone send me link for the full episode... Please
Ashutosh Gaur
This is the kind of flash running animation is that i wanted in justice league, they just screwed it in so many ways...
is it just me or is Nora Stacked?
Carl Jero
Subs en español
Chris Paez
Did anyone else get Danny Phantom vibes during that final plane scene?
Cunning Smile
2:50\n\nOk calling bullshit on the writers part.
Danny Benhur
King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd...
Dark Guardian
0:55 One word of advice, \
Dave Bro
This show is lame now 😢
David Wallerstein
1:09 Iris be like \n\
David cmkubai
I think Nora Allen maybe the reverse flash of crisis x who promised flash. negative technoys can only be related to reverse flash.
Dennis Ac-ac
The chin strap needs to get back. Barry looks naked in there.
Derpy Pigeon!
Now I like SnowBarry and WestAllen\nBut to be honest if Barry didn’t marry Iris we wouldn’t have Nora
Dr Soap
What about Don Allen?
Edbert Agathon
Flash full of spoilers since season 3
Eleazar Lozano
Sorry nora i could not avoid watch your booty.. I love you xD
Ethan Manke
Sometimes I like watching these clips just to remember why I stopped watching the show
Can you not post spoilers the night it airs? Lots of people have to wait until the next day to watch it on the website. Sucks when spoilers just get posted on our homepage every episode
Fionaplayz msp
aww that hug was so cutee
Galaxy girl
Love it !!! 😍😍😍😍
Hafsa \\S/
Supergiiiiirl yaaay
Heman Gohil
Okay no spoilers but it's possible idea of mine that i came to know.\n1. Nora couldn't see Flash as he got Vanished right after her birth, so his daddy is very special for her. \n2. Lonely Life with flash made Iris worst Mom for her daughter.. Though she just care of her so that she don't face any trouble like Barry. \n3. Nora didn't like Iris in future, hence came back to time to know his daddy.\n4. When iris asks about her relationship with nora, Nora quickly changes the topic.\n5. BARRY/FLASH knows that he's gonna leave Iris in future so he told nora not to tell her about it and enjoy every moment with this Good Young Mom. 😍\n6. Iris feeling jealous because thats the part she's gonna play in future throughout her life as Nora is fond of Flash and not Iris as she accepted flash as superhero by studying about achievements of flash in museum of future.\n7. Iris is trying to be friend and also playing caring mom side by side right from the beginning, as she don't wanna hurt her anyhow.\n8. Nora says here, \
Isa Lathrop
ItsOnlySeeker xbox1
I still think that Grant Gustin is a better flash than Ezra Miller.
I don't like her mask, it looks like one of those masks you get from those plastic supermarket costumes.
Jan Iedema
It’s almost distracting how much better season 3 suits look compared to 4 or 5
Jazmin Ilaide
Mine isnt working 💀
Jean Nguyen
2:45 to 2:50\nNow that’s just lazy writing.
Joara Neves
Omds CMO eu tô doida q tenha logo o legendado
Juanchete Yt
Nora’s butt🤤
3:20 Barry as a Father
King Lex
We're getting king shark vs gorilla grodd 😶
Kobi Brown
Someone explain why they couldn’t go back to the future?? I’m so lost
i got grodd im betting a penny tho
Little Star
They are so cute together 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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She Falls And Breaks Her Legs
Cisco ‘spoiler alert’ 😂
MDRizal 98
Nora so cute damn!!
Marc Roth
King shark vs Grodd \n\nDon’t be lying now!
Martin Acosta
the moment i saw the trailer i knew that they would face the plane, and like i say before messing the timeline is a rite of passage for the flash family hahahaha
How do you guys feel about the first episode? I didn't really enjoy season 4 that much, but I'm pretty excited for this season. I hope it gets its original flare back that has been missing since season 3. Don't get me wrong, I didn't really hate season 3, but the last couple of episodes were just... bad. In my opinion, atleast. I hope they find the right balance between comedy, mystery and drama again.
Michael Flynn
SHE SPEAKS FOR THE FANS!!!!!!!!!\nWait, Fan... Eobard... AHHHHHHHHhhh
How did you get the season 5 episode one when it not done did they send you it or did you find it somehow
Mr Guy
Barry is dead in the future, the way she hugged him was like a way I would hug my nan if I could travel back and see her
I’m happy Ralph is still alive when he died in season 4 I cried
Wait I'm confused. I know Iris has become a shit character but is she seriously jealous of her own daughter in this scene? Like really? her attitude is that of someone who doesn't want their own kid in their life and if that's true, she's done the impossible and has become even more unlikable than before and is the main reason why I stopped bothering to keep up with the show.
Nicky quick
The flash be like lets go
Orlando David
Probably would have gotten more views if you’d said “daughter” instead of “Nora”.
Pelle Hvidberg
yay! Supergirl was mentioned
I love it how when Nora gets excited about King Shark and Grodd and Cisco is like \
Poor Nora just wants to help 😭😂😂
Pradyumn Pathak
As my buddy Jake Peralta would put it, \
The cgi looooooks soooo baaaaad. Holy shit
Quintin Garvin
As a male viewer of the arrowverse cant wait for batwoman to team up with legends cause they have the best rn
Just relax mommy's gonna get you a juice box and some nom noms.
Reverse Fuhrer
01:53 Speed Force/Timeline be like: *\
Ricky Williams
If we actually see King Shark vs Grodd that would automatically make this season the best season ever.
Sam S
Episode started very slowly but finished with a bang and a lot of CGI. I have noticed episode one, thirteen, and the last episode always have a lot more CGI. What you get on a TV show which has a limited budget compared to movies.
Sameer Ranjan
1:12 I smell Iris getting jealous of her own daughter!!
1:09 Aww!
Stream Highlights
interesting to see iris and nora's chemistry, it seems they don't get along in the future
Why does Barry need tachyon to time travel. He's clearly fast enough to time travel without it.
Swapnil Upadhyay
My money on Grodd.
TSB Ahmed
Lol that's the 2 suit Barry ripped lol
Ultra Boy
Where can i look at this season
Ultra X
Well DAMN, I was just joking.😂😂😂
Unknown Animator
I like how Nora got dad’s speed and mums colour. I don’t mean skin colour! I mean speedster colour.
Van Hestell
So... negative tachyons.. Negative Speedforce?
Walter walter
0:53 nice ass noora 😄
Bring. Wally. Back. As. A. Series. Regular. Ffs.
William Balentine
Barrys new suit looks like he was wrapped in a leather bondage suit with no chin strap. I know there going for the comic book look but he looks ridiculous.
Work in Progress
Your Name
how did you watch this.... i can't the ep
anaht handa
Father daughter breaking time line together.......
clifford alexis
Spoiler alert 😔😔😔
corey evans
I dont want see nora get dead like same simple...charamed chris leo and piper are his parents till chris is dead as piper born chris baby it's not happen for nora
I just watched this
kary xu
That hug\nThe feels 😢😭\nLol she just rushed the goodbye for her mom 😂😂😂
katy rizzo
If Barry married Caitlyn then they would have a different kid which I think wouldn’t be all that bad because then the kid would have Barry’s speed and Caitlyn’s cold powers so to be honest the kid would just be a bad ass. He/she would be even better.
keith blue
Wow they really need to put more money into the animation, just plain embarrassing
mike vincent
Damn her thighs
nightmare child
King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd...\nThat's gonna cost....
quartez tillman
Run Nora and Barry run
slim shady
slinky gamer
i say this every season but best episode yet
trex advent
Do team flash know about Wally and his team are helping Constantine round up fairytale creatures?
“flash zoom wants you dead” such a cute moment 😂
wise Human
1:10 got me tearing up 🙁🙁😪
This show sucks now. Season 1 was the only good season
Ève Garant
1:09 Nora is clearly a daddy's little girl 😂