Mr. Barlow - SALEMS LOT (1979)

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Meet Mr. Barlow. From the TV movie "Salem's Lot" (1979) directed by Tobe Hooper. Based on the novel by Stephen King.

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# Sobaka
This Mr Barlow is scariest.
Hey guys! this is Leo from, and today I want to talk to you about ego and what it is...
Im i right in thinking the actor Reggie Nalder who plays the vampire Barlow was uncredited in the movie ?
While this movie did not give Barlow anywhere near the personality that he had in the original book, I'd say they made up for it just by how physically terrifying they made him look. I did not expect him to look that way.\nI remember when I first saw the movie as a teen, at this scene, I was tensely but silently watching the screen, waiting for Mr. Barlow to step in. Then, when he out of nowhere popped out with that monstrous face, I actually jumped back and loudly exclaimed \
American Eagle
I remember watching this as a kid, & absolutely shat myself at this part
Amplass 333
Lucas Wilde. Your a fuking pansy.
Antonio Jutronic
This is how true vampires should always look
Brian Griffin
This scene is the reason why I had to sleep with a nightlight until I was 16.
Carlos Rios
Still scares the crap out of me after all these decades.
the sounds he makes. its brilliant!
Doug D
I love how Barlow just waves the keys over the lock and the cell door opens
You'll enjoy Mr.Barlow and he'll enjoy you
Dwayne Brue
The Great Reggie Nalder as Mr Barlow!!
Ethan Slusser
I had a teacher named Mr. Barlow
FinnIsOkay. I guess
Mom I love you but this trail has got to go I cannot grow old in salems lot so he we go it’s my shot feet fail me not this may be the only opportunity that I got
Gacha Boy
Love this scene
Hugo Malice
Gotta admit Mr Barlow is one \nGood looking dude !! 😂
Still horrifying at age 47..I was 9 when I saw this..The little kids flying around windows scared the shit out of me as well
Jessica Galvan
This scared the hell out of me when i was little
John Wick
And it still made me jump. This traumatized me as a kid. Still got me when he pops up so quick.
Justin Taylor
His scared face 😂😂😊😂
Kurt Barlow
Literally the embodiment of evil! In this version Barlow is literally a living (undead) pestilence
Never saw the movie nor mini-series, but I did read the book. This made me jump.
Lionel Raoul
They loved this on Belinda Avenue. I can still see Brian's grandfather screaming and holding a trash can lid. And that was before they turned the TV on.
Lucas James
While I like this interpretation of Barlow, I really wish they had just stuck with his original appearance in the book
Malcolm Abram
Apart from the film Dracula which is based on the novel by Bram Stoker, I find Vampire films rather silly. This is the one big exception.
Mire Vale
I remember my little 3 year old self crying and having nightmares because of this shit
This and The Lost Boys are my favourite Vampire movies, then Interview with a Vampire.
Narendra Patel
Best horror movie ever!
So this is where they got the design for Valak the nun lol
Looks more unintentionally funny than scary to me.
Paul Murphy
Barlow was one of the scariest vampires ever! Ghastly, Unsightly and creepy as hell looking.\nLike a vampire is supposed to be.Tall and skinny with a pale contorted face and pointed ears.Bald with Hideous yellow bloodshot sunken eyes.A mouth full of ugly sharp jagged fangs. Long boney fingers with over grown nails.\nToday your average Hollywood vampire is a male or female model with a buffed body, great hair and a great haircut.Dreamy eye's, manicured fingernails with a handsome or pretty face.\nAnd of course a mouth full of perfect pearly white teeth surrounding by two perfectly pointed pearly white fangs!!😒
Primus 777
If memory serves, Mr Barlow was an urbane, well dressed, civilized, well read and engaging person with a talent for hypnosis, persuasion and plausible reasoning (in the book....)\n....OK, he had longer and sharper than average incisors, admittedly.\nHe was categorically NOT this Haunted House Horror show baldy freak as depicted in the movie.\n...Which was a distraction that caused me to have an unfortunate bathroom mishap in the late 70's.
Roddy Tullenz
0:47 old timey shock treatment.
The vampire has the same appearance as pennywise It monster. It and Pennywise must be a similar evil entity in Stephen King's imagined world.
Tim Glenn
0:50 Hands down, _the_ best acting performance, *ever*
Translation : at the end the monster says : \
Walter Kurtz
His reaction to seeing Barlow is incredible. \nYou know what happens encountering a dark ambient and unworldly character?\nIt soaks terror and shock. Your body freezes and you turn empty and hollow, all filled with complete moral terror and horror. \nYou want to scream, but you're just lost. Seeing this creature moan and hiss at you is something you can never imagine.\n No where to run. No place to hide. No item to fight off with. Your only chance to win, is to die. \nThis acting here, is being totally realistic.
William Long
This is how I enter a room.
Zooman X
bnd of doom
That face is familiar it appears in alot of jumpscare challenges
doug bull
oh I miss the days when vampires were scary.and not glistening in sun light
Pillow to the face.. Pillow to the face !
kevin patrick scott
this geezer could be the next host for crystal maze
may may
Makes your Butt cheeks pucker!
I dont think he was scared to die.
The NBA commissioner is a vampire.
year 2017 i look at the comments everybody talking about how they shat themselves i laugh and then boom jumpscare...and it got me.
richard riccio
This dude was a class a dink anyways..Beats up Ben because his ex doesn't want him..Loser
I'm koo...