CBS Special Movie presents Salems Lot 1979

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A CBS Special Movie presentation bumper for the 1979 mini-series "Salem's Lot", adapted from the novel by Stephen King, directed by Tobe Hooper and featuring David Soul, James Mason, Bonnie Bedelia, Lance Kerwin, Kenneth McMillan, Lew Ayres, Ed Flanders, George Dzundza, Elisha Cook Jr., Fred Willard, Geoffrey Lewis, Marie Windsor, Julie Cobb and Reggie Nalder.

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Albert Hempker
They did in 2004, it was a TNT mini-series with Rob Lowe as Ben Mears.
It seems like yesterday!! I saw this the night it came on. I remember we made a weekend trip to Maryland to see my Aunt, we got there just in time to see the start of the CBS special logo start. I had nightmares after that! This was back before we had HBO and Showtime (cable was still kind of new, those channels where not everywhere and they only where on for 6 pm to 6 am)
Cherie Hannen
there's good vampires you yo yo brain look at the new one Elena on The Vampire Diaries
Cycloptyc Films
Man I would love to find a recording of the original airings complete with commercials.
I remember watching this at night when it aired. It was really engrossing and had great atmosphere. At least to a kid LOL!
I remember watching this on HBO back in 84 or 85 when i was little. It's a night i'll never
Eric Brown
Mr. Barlow's the scariest, especially his blue skin color, teeth, and eyes
Those little kid vampires scrathing atthe window still scare me. Probably after Helter Skelter it's one of the scariest made for tv movies even through it plays fast and loose with the Stephen King (my opinion his best) novel. The Mark Petrie character was me at a certain age and classic horror movies and Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine was my sustanance during that period. Damn, I wish I still had those magazines but not appeciating the nostagic value I started cutting out pictures. Idiot.
J Bro
Scariest made for TV movie ever made ( except for maybe The Day After )
Jane Doe
John G. Lewis
It would have been far more 'special' if CBS had not in fact interrupted the movie, back then, and more than once, for CBS-NY news breaks...!  It was to report on a local election, or something, and the station would play the reporting *over* the movie.  And they were doing this very close to the movie's conclusion, which was due to finish at 11pm, and at which time the Local (New York City) News would come on.  (They cut to Jim Jensen, of CBS NY, at least twice, from the movie, and before 11pm.)  Point being, that the station could obviously have waited the 45, and then the 20 minutes, and conveyed the information at 11 pm as they would be doing anyway.  I had a lot of time invested in the film; it was quite inconsiderate.  If they were embarrassed with the movie, do not show it at all to begin with; but if you do, do not interrupt twice in the final hour or so...  I became so upset, I gave up on the movie, and even wondered of calling the CBS studios.   But it was all so stupid, because they could have merely waited the few minutes, to report at 11pm, as they would anyway.
John Ruggiero
Yeah, and of course, as couldnt hold a candle to the original.
K Frank
I recall watching this back in '79 - I love it!\r\n\r\n
Kimberly M
This movie is absolutely terrifying.
Kurt Barlow
Lee Martin
Wow, I haven't seen this with the CBS bumper since it originally aired. Great movie, great times, great memories. Thanks for uploading!
Lucas McCain
Thanks for posting this! A rare gem indeed! It's my favorite vampire movie and a real classic!
Luke Rowbotham
SCary as hell.
Man In The Wilderness
All the kids watched this when it first aired and stayed up that night scared crapless. We all talked about it at School Lunch the next day. EVERYONE was freaked out at the Vampire Kid at the Window scene. But hey the 70s was a different more innocent time and now kids watch bestiality, cannibalism, dismemberment, etc as if it were nothing.
Maura D
scariest thing ever. came out the year before i was born. didn't see it until 1991 or so (at age 11) and to this day it remains the scariest thing i have ever seen
Now THIS is how vampires should be - scary as hell. This movie STILL gives me the chills, especially the scenes with the head vampire's sudden close-up and the man in the rocking chair in the dark.
Otto Greenleaf
Bonnie Bedelia goes into the Marsden house-and she doesn't come back out. Good mini series. RIP Tobe Hooper.
Professor Ignatius
Wow hearing that CBS theme again really takes me back to the days of rooftop antennas and turning the rotor to get good reception. I remember being sent to bed when this aired but I sneaked out to see the vampire at the window scene and it scared the hell out of me. Never forgot it.
Ronin E.N. Del Santa Ana
Fuck twillight!!!
@videozfann - You're ain't the only one, buddy! *lol* This definitely had silver screen potential. Still, this movie has a LOYAL following.
Steve Walles
November 17, 1979, I was never the same after watching this. For MONTHS, I slept with the lights on and the window shade pulled completely down!
It is not \
Get the Blu Ray. It's a great movie.
And not one of them sparkled. :)
Tyrone Jackson
my favorite horror movie of all time, still scares the hell out of me.
Zatoichi One
the cab driver running down the corridor traumatized me until my late twenties I think LOL
One of the best made for TV movies EVER.
9 years old when this movie came out... it was scary as hell to me... ironically to this day I still love it...
I love how the old VHS warbled just when we would have gotten a look at Kurt Barlow in his coffin.
greatest vampire flick ever,thanks .
jed wiley
yeh! remember this starting i used to watch Kolchak the Night Stalker on this
I remember this movie was heavily advertised on television and the TV Guide. I was only 4 years old so my parents didn't allowed me to watch this movie. I could hear it though and I got nightmares from it.
arrh....the good ole days...when there was no internet,,no cable...everybody would watch the movie of the week...then the next day in school everyone would talk about it.
yes I have to admit this movie was scary to watch until today lets see they try to remake this movie
One of the best Vampire films ever made.
Found at the start of a Beta tape.
brilliant memories