4 dream opponents we want Roman Reigns to face

Roman Reigns may be "The Guy," but would he beat these four Superstars one-on-one?More ACTION on WWE NETWORK :

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Shinsuke Nakamura vs Roman reigns
AM world
Everyone wants to make fun of Roman . All jokes they know they use it for Roman Why? First he used to be a fan favourite and when he bacome champion people hates him.
Abhishek Panchmiya
Well guest what two of those matches happened and one with john cena is in progress.
Anas kh
Two of them happend\nstill 2 as well\nhopful he didn't win the rest
AnoNymous LeGacy
Roman vs taker happping at wm
Assassins creed
How about Roman vs lesnar\nRoman beat the hell out of lesnar
Ayoub Nait
If Reigns vs Cena happened then I'm gonna cheer the referee
Beef Boss
My 4 \nStone cold\nGoldberg\nThe rock\nMankind
CTE _Cris
Roman Reigns: Im not a good guy, I'm not a bad guy, I'm not even a guy
Clasher Rohit
no can beat roman reigns but wwe make roman reigns to loss
Clifford Edwards
Cristiano Ronaldo
Well he's faced three out of four he just has the Rock left
No one. He should piss off.
Daniel Garcia
I would realy love to see roman vs gold berg
Dark Shark
y'all just going to make him win all the matches so there is no point
Death to PG
#WeHateRoman #WeHateTheUsos #TurnByronHeel
Denis Vignola
Digital World
Roman riengs vs Goldberg ( Who hit the spear first ).....😯😯😯
Dimitris G
OMG are you serious?Roman Reigns actually faced the undertaker.Don't tell me. This video predicts the future.NOT!!!!!!!!!!
Dipak Gupta
3 done from this list.
Dmize YT
triple threat match between goldberg,roman reigns and edge to see who will be the master of spear
We want Roman to face retirement.
Elizabeth Muniandy
Vince will fulfilled all of this for Roman before he died.
Roman Reigns vs Stone cold
Freckles and Thug
These are my 4 picks\n1. Goldberg\n2. Shawn Michaels \n3. Stone cold Steve Austin \n4. Edge
4. Rock def Roman regins\n3. John def Roman regins\n2. that already happen\n1. undertaker def roman regins\nroman regins sucks ballz
If we were having These matches we would know we would win
Hamza Farooq
Roman destroy all members in this video only rock left
Hariom Patidar
Nobody is ready for roman reigns
Isaiah Huzman
how about roman and hulk hogan
It's Natalie!
um Ronan reigns already faced the undertaker and beat him.
James Dlima
If john cena reruns to his best form which was in 2012 than I want to see cena vs roman in an submission match .cause both of these hardly ever submitted.
Jason Ricca
triple thret match between roman riegns, edge, and Goldberg to see who's the best one of spears
Kevin Gomez
I want Roman reigns vs Neville to face
KjAi SuRyA
Except Rock he defeated all of them
Roman went against Somoa joe already
Leo's life
I want Roman to face the whole roster in a handicap match!!
Little Miss Flair
Edge & Beth Phoneix VS Roman Reigns & Sasha Banks
Lord Brandon
That \
Lori Locatelli
The Rock = didnt happen\nJohn Cena = did happen (lost to Roman reigns)\nSamoa Joe = did happen (lost to Roman Reigns) i think\nUndertaker = did happen (lost to Roman reigns) AT WRESTLEMANIA
Luis Orlando Soto Garcia
I will like to see Roman reigns vs sting
M4HD1 2OO7
Roman vs undertaker has happened
Except The Rock Roman bet all 3 because Rock has left WWE
Mama There Goes That Man
number 4 just happened 😂 #BigDawg
Manish S
So after Cena buries AJ.\n\nRoman vs Cena is happening. Oh boy wonder who will get booed more? Probably the refree.
Maryam islam
Sasha banks and Nikki Bella is the best
Matthew Edwards
Isis bombs the arena reigns kicks out at 2
roman reigns vs a drugs test WrestleMania main event
ROMAN vs sting or Roman vs goldberg
Taker Vs. Roman?\nNO. NO. NO. NO. NO.
Nikhil Sharma
i want john cena vs Roman reigns
Quazi Irtiza
A 50 year old Undertaker would be a better champion than reigns.
Ranveer Nagpal
Reigns vs Sami Zayn
Raul Wolthers Ryff
why people hate roman? i didnt understand
wow there cousins ur gonna make them fight eachother
Reneil James Gutierrez
Roman reigns vs goldberg
Reynald San Ramon
Cody Rhodes... ...
Samantha Sanders
Cm punk or Rey mystero wold be fine
I came here by mistake, I meant to click on the Becky Lynch image... honest... :\\
Steven Diaga
steve-so we just signed a big talet vince\nvince- who?\nsteve- aj styles!\nvince- oh mister tna. I dont like him.\nsteve- why? he is an awesome wrestler and he is good on the mic.\nVince- nah, i have roman for that\nsteve- then what are we going to do With him then?\nvince- umh, make him job to jericho at mania then to My boy roman because \
TJ 24_12
2:20 is at WM33...😉
Tarrin Johnson
i want to see him go one on one with cm punk in a no holds barred street fight
Tayyab Khalil
2:35 That face you make when you have to make Reigns look strong :/
We simply just want roman vs nobody
The life of martin
Roman already beat those ppl but not the rock
He fight 3 of them Soamna joe john cena the undertaker
Toby LIM
hey stupid, why don't you name it \
Tom Stockton
I'm a simple man. I see Roman, and I dislike the video.
Turk Aslan
Reigns and Rock only shared the ring as alies? Lol Reigns destroyed the Rock with The Shield
Va Made DaKid II
Roman vs Goldberg\nRoman vs Bobby Lashley\nRoman vs Stone Cold Steve Austin \nJust tell me if the fights wouldn't be good
Veerpal Toor
Virendra Jain
The rock\nAJ Styles\nHbk\nHhh
Welcome to The Void
How about he faces fandango and looses in a minute?
Wrestling Time
Roman vs Rock wrestlemaina 35 👌
XD Noeskin
I want to see roman reigns vs Goldberg at wrestlemania 33
YaBoi JesusChrist
Anyone watching after somoa joe vs roman reings
Zarale Vaughn
Roman is actually a great wrestler he just needs to improve his mic skills
adhika sukma
First Roman Vs Taker Happen WM 33\nSecond THE Submission Spesialist Is Not Samoa Joe Its Daniel Bryan
undertaker always gets retribution , until last night
christian let
spear vs spear Goldberg vs roman it would be make a history match ever
dheeraj soni
roman also beat undertaker also beat soun jo
If Joe vs. Reings they will call it the Samoan battle
faisal tricks
please tell me wwe undertaker vs roman at wreselmania 34?
jakes dejager
roman vs shawn micheals
kemi koku
the macth agiast the Udertaker happened 3 days ago at wrestilmania
manuel perez
roman reings vs james ellsworth a dream match
oh mein giotto oder wie man den shit schreibt
The last match happened hours ago and it was the last match of the Undertaker.😟
pop up
I surely want Roman Reigns vs Jhon Cena
quinn sanders
2 of those happen in 2017
saandez 28
People hate roman cause he beat undertaker and sometimes people taking things to a real thing
scary guy
roman reigns can beat anyone
the boss gamer
roman rings vs golberg
thelma tippit
if he really is roman regins vs shinkue nakumra or roman regins vs baron corbin
wwe matches
i want roman vs cena roman is the best
xitrus VENOM
Most of these matches happened in 2017