2Pac Tribute Napoleon Never Forget

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This is the tribute music for 2Pac from the member of the OUTLAWZ Napoleon (Muslim).This music explains Napoleons pain before he met 2Pac and the love he got for him and for his homie Kadafi.Yaki Kadafi the half brother of 2Pac presented Napoleon to 2Pac and then they became HOMIES and Napoleon became an OUTLAW Member.This is just the short story of Napoleons and the Tribute to the spirit of 2Pac so i hope you enjoy it!Also 2Pac's producer and music writer of some great hits like Life Goes On,All Eyez On Me and some other hits called Johny Jackson aka Johny J made a suicide in 2008 while he was in Jail.I hope you enjoyed this video and thanks for watching.

2Pac 2pac Napoleon death fast from goes hard hearts in kadafi life our spirit to tribute

Dση тαмιму
This guy changed his life for the better Muslim\n\nYou are Muslim now nomore dope game
Killuminati Underground Resistance
Rest in peace Tupac Amaru Shakur ! 2018 and im still here, im 24, I’ve been banging your stuff since i was 12, dam im almost 25, how young did you go so young man, imagine Pac was still here in 2018 ! The game would would be so different. ❤️❤️❤️
Luca Nanetti
Napoleon is a atomic bomb
The outlaws r nice ...r.I.p pac
Nassim Betaitia
Miss you PAC
Onyia Benjamin
Nice one napo
Patty Ryan
Never forget the ones you love😢😢💕😢💕💕
Rax Cmk
Sheldon Yazzie
Napoleon and Jon b kept it real.. the industry is lazy with this wack rap
very awesome
Stav Dogg
Why they never played this on the radio?!
Vidadi Elesgerli V
Heart💔 R.I.P 2Pac Makaveli
sahil dhiman
RIp pac