Shovels Rope // Gasoline

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ann ballad be birmingham boys cary david... film films gasoline hearst joyful live michael moving picture rope shovels shovels and rope trent

just found this interest duo---their time bomb is used in current Zales TV ad. what kind of vintage guitar is that?
Alexxx Dee
Damn, those guys rock SO HARD it's hard to realize)))
Ali Whitwell
Love the raw sound and also that gorgeous archtop! :-)
my fav band right now!
Beth Fortin
Today was the 1st time I had heard of this group.  I like them!!  :-)
Brian Bridges
Came for the music, stayed for the dogs. lol j/k the music was good.
Brian Sweeney
So amazing... love these folks more than words can express
Bruno Sampaio
0:23 the dog is not amused
Cameron Jaccard
Christian Matthew Berrian I
my new favorite band! I love every tune I hear from them.
Cilla Sweet
i like this !!!! a super song ! Thanks shovel and rope !!! please more !!!!
Dani Pritchard
I genuinely get so happy when this comes on my playlist ...  what I think of when someone says American music .. the real knee slapper kind! And the dogs just made the video haha
Danny Ginnane-Gannon
It was filmed on Johns Island,SC...where they used to live.
Darkblade Disciples
Darrell Latham
Country as shelling peas on the porch.
David Bagshaw
Swear that dog is picking up the vibe better than most humans...
David Griffin
Charleston is about an hour and a half North of here and this song makes me wanna get in the truck right now and start heading that way.
David Issi
If only I could find someone to do this with!
Davide Pesola
Love it from Rome Italy
Dissent Truth-
Came here from a recommendation on a Lost Dog Street Band video.
This is more addicting than crack!! And I would know!!! J/K maybe???
Dobbs Holler
love this music and shovels and rope, in an era of cookie cutter music this is so refreshing. \n\nif anyone has the time check out the original songs on our channel!
E.J. Roscoe
Good music! i would pay to hear them live
Real American music.. nuff said!
Emad Aziz
like wow! strong song real strong
Eos Delitzsch
hes a great dog
Eric Baum
I love the dogs running through, doing dog stuff. Blessing.
Eric Mercury
Todays country in the right place. (interesting guitar he has there)
Following Redbeard
Great video!
Ginger G
Awesome!! Just came across this band today and I'm already a fan!
Grant Eaddy vlogs
I know where these people are from does anyone else know
Handsome King
I was almost giving up hope on original work from original people in the music industry. \nI love this band and their music.
Hector Sueno
46 people have a sad existence if they don't like these guys... nuts..
Hilton Ainslie
Unique sounds like White Stripes without steriods Ha ha ha
That's so cool he formed a band with his mom. Maximum respect.
James Lloyd
Oh man! Sold. I felt warm humid air watching that video.
Jen Horne
OK,LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE the song but I think that wild dog stole the show and my heart cause, it's just so HAPPY,lol!
John Dowling
She is hot, he is ok. Lol
Jonny L
441 less people in my way.
K Carberry
If you don't feel this song you aren't a true American. From northern Wisconsin with a whole lotta love
Koanui Laau
Now that's what I call Country!
Logan Shipley
I cant remember having a stronger notion to get up and dance! Best music I've heard since well, can't even remember. Y'all got somethin special. LOVE YOU, and your dogs. . THANK YOU FOR YOUR SHARING. *Inspired*
Lorna Blair
first song I heard from them ! hooked since !
Luis Castro
This video wouldn't be as amazing without the doggos
Maria Gentles
From a black chick in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. ....I'm feeling this in my soul
Marilee Denr
Love you 2..
Mark Cob
Oh *Hell YA*!!!\nMost Righteous
Mark Smith
Under arduous circumstances, an amazing performance!  Love the harmonies.
Marty Stiles
love the dogs playing at 1:46...great music,great video
Matthew Smithers
That Gibson, man! Awesome.
Melissa Labrum
Where has this been all my life.
Michael CW
punk rock!
Michael O'Brien
I found this song from a movie trailer but now I can't remember which one. Any help???
Michael Powers
This. This is why people invented music in the first place.
This is American music at its finest.
Mike Brewster
this should get more recognition
Missi J
I cant get enough!
How does this not have a million views?
Pam Hurt
I like it a lot
Paul Eliot
not gettin it
Rob Newell
Just love it !!  And I'm English? Great fun to watch good to listen to............
Roger Duke
just saw this duo on axs and fell in love immediately!!!
Sam Tuthill
To make a video like this do you need to have like three video cameras?
I've toured all over the world. I wish we played with more bands like this. Good work.
Sheena Y
Left, right, left right left\n\nPack 'em up Charlie, gonna leave this place\nTurn our shoulders to the empty space\nIt don't matter if you're gone today\nLong as everybody stay away\nRich is rich and poor is poor\nAnd the money you had ain't good no more\nWait in a line, wait in a line\nHey mister, can I buy a little time?\n\nEverything you planted has gone to rot\nNo one around to pull the little you got\nFour big wheels, American steel\nPour gasoline on the killing field\n\nMarch them soldiers down that line\nMarch them boys in straight time\nGood four boys like feel on the fire\nBad news comin' down the AP wire\nTaciturn til your fingers burn\nWhat, if anything, did you earn?\nPain it tastes like a savage fire\nThe blood lust of the youth gone wild\n\nEverything you planted has gone to rot\nNo one around to pull the little you got\nFour big wheels, American steel\nPour gasoline on the killing field\n\nEverybody's sick, there's a fever going around\nSet it on fire and burn the whole thing down\nGo somewhere, start a new town\nWhere nobody has to hear that terrible sound\n\nEverything you planted has gone to rot\nNo one around to pull the little you got\nFour big wheels, American steel\nPourin' gasoline on the killing field\nPourin' gasoline on the killing field\nPourin' gasoline on the killing field
Sibe Studios
The dogs are the greatest!
Skat anicus
Am I the only one who read the lyrics? Everything you planted has gone to rot\nNo one around to pull the little you got\nFour big wheels, American steel\nPourin' gasoline on the killing field\nPourin' gasoline on the killing field\nPourin' gasoline on the killing field
T Movies
the film Bad Turn Worse brought me here
The Moose
This is what country music would be if \
Now THIS is roots music! Love their music, hope to see em live somewhere near the ATL the dogs & lowcountry
Time sparker
:) 10-+
Tony Peeler
Probably my favorite music video in Youtube. Great job, guys!
Tony Sanford
Volt 46
damn!!! what a duo! really really enjoy it! 4th time playing it already!\nOur deepest thanks for sharing this!\nLove ya\n\nGreetings from lovely Greece\n\nCheers
Walter Hoenig
All My Favorite Bands brought me here
William Burgess
Please don't let great music like this die. These two are awesome. My foot wont stop tapping.
Wolf Creek Boys
Wow just found this
They were awesome live. I highly recommend grabbing a seat at show if they are playing.
Zygote Bastard
476,549 views, & around 200 of em were me!\nI love this music!
_morningview_ ora!! (Hello) all the way from New Zealand ;) love it
That movie trailers about to skyrocket these guys :)
If Dolly Parton & Bob Dylan had ever gotten stuck in a elevator with a bass drum and a guitar, we might have heard this 35 years ago.\nSome things are worth the wait I guess.
brian kukk
wake up we all die why do you pay so much to live
chuck lane
Thank you so much! I loved it.
evan shipley
That guy looks like a young David spade
For the record, I believe they called it \
Damn, I love her voice!
laura williams
macie mcmillion
Man this so cool. Keep doing what you're doing.
Great tune and performance!  Awesome dogs too!
meagan hammill
This is amazing and I love it!!!
This was the first song I heard from these two, and it stopped me dead in my tracks. THANK YOU TO SHOVELS AND ROPE!!!
i love this .... boom boom boom left right left right left should see me doing the funky chicken stomp in my apartment in gErmany with my moroccan muslim hubby starring at me like wth is this brown kid doing. it is home...feels like home xo #NC
Even the dogs love and dance to the music!
OH my. this god damn rules
now that's what I call good vibrations!\n well done 2 u!