Salems Lot (1979) Scene: "Look at me..."

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Unknown as to what evil lurks in his own house, Burke (Lew Ayres) soon discovers that the recently deceased Ryerson (Geoffrey Lewis) has returned from the grave as a bloodthirsty vampire.'Salem's Lot' - A film by Tobe Hooper.Starring: David Soul, James Mason, Bonnie Bedelia, Lance Kerwin, Lew Ayers, Julie Cobb & Fred Willard.

Crucifix David Soul Geoffrey Lewis Salem's Lot Stephen King Vampire

The guy sitting in the chair is actress Juliette Lewis biological father...... whom played in Kalifornia with Brad Pitt. 😃
The horror scenes are really weird and freaky. The part where this guy jumps in the grave and opens the coffin propper scared the living hell out of me when i was 8 years old and saw it on tv.\nIm glad i saw this movie as a kid now though. What an experience. True terror. Horror movies just don't get us to feel terror like that as adults.
Andy T.Anh
horror+rocking chair+vampire sitting on rocking chair= ultimate NIGHTMARE
Back before vampires turned into the stupid crap in the Twilight films. They were always meant to be this, scary and true evil.
Blind Truth
Still effective all these many years later, sadly a lot of vampire movies have gone to shit these days be it glow in the daylight romance ones or shit like underworld.
C Lev
This was the scariest movie from Steven King. Still gives me the creeps...
Carlos Acuña
One of the most scariest movies i've ever seen , still creepy today on 2018!
Charles Walliburton
I've never ever had a rocking chair after watch g this movie. This part will scare me forever.
Still one of my favorite stephen king novels. At least this was better than the rob lowe version.
Chris Ferguson
the true plague! antagonist! lol
Daniel Akin
What was that? Actual music in a movie!? Where is the drone noise that suddenly pauses and then explodes!!??
David O'brien
The scariest movie ever made imo, absolutely terrified me watching this as a kid,I'll never forget the way my heart would start beating when the build up started towards a vampire scene
Dean Morrow
My landlord has the same reaction when something needs repairing and the cost comes out of his pocket.
Derekus Maximus
Saw this as a kid and decades later this film AND this scene still scare the 💩 out of me.
I remember this scene from the original. Those eyes scared the shit out of me as a kid. That, and the scene where the guy was floating near the window. Simple effects by todays standards but still frightening. Really great stuff.
This movie will never loos his power \nSoo Creepy scary Movie \nThose Vampires keep me awake for years !!
Elaine Clements Finn
I hope the make-up artist got an award for this show !!
Erik Herrera
This is a true classic
I remember watching this film when I was a young lad. Frightened the life out of me. Every night I would bring rosary beads to bed with me. It also didn't help that my bed was right by the window.
First Trade
In Britain, they put this on over two nights at around 21.30 after the Nine O'Clock news, back in the early to mid-80s. I remember running late with some homework one night and after, managed to watch the second half. I didn't sleep for about 6 months after that. I was only 10 or 11, Horror was just not that widespread back then before the widespread distribution of VCRs and video shops. This scared the living daylights out of me. Watched recently, it's still cracking horror.
I wonder how Edward Cullens sparkly ass would have fared against these vampires.
Would you just look at it
Goopi Beast
What is that eye effect, contacts?
Greg Puno
Gulraiz Ali
Classic Horror... But then now
Hannes Johansson
I'm looking at you goddammit!?!?
Hate Monger
I think he is looking at him 😳
Isabel Laing
Fantastic ! Absolute Gem of a Film 👌Look At Me 😬Still gives me chills !💞
J Neely
The power of my AR-15 compels you......
Jacob Simpson
one thing I never go got was why in movies like this do vampires just stop caring about their former friends and family and just want to eat them
James Matthews
That's how I look when the internet is down and I'm when waiting for it to come back in my rocking chair. \
James Reck
Horrible acting!\n\n\n-\
Jay Johnson
You should watch your step guy
Joe T
reminds me of the time i came home to find my brother high af
John Scanlon
I thought this guy might be a problem renter.
John Shaw
This scene scared the hell out of me when I was a kid
Johnny Allright
I'm looking at you, how much more looking could I possibly do.
Karen Fredericks
I saw this film first time around in the 70's and I still get a bit freaked out by it. The scene in the kitchen when James Mason is chatting to the family and then the vampire shows up? It is bloody chilling.
Karl Dunne
They don't make them like they used too...NO COMPUTER effectives... Just acting and some good make up!!.
King Ghost
If I remember correctly I think the old man had a heart attack after encountering this hellish fiend.
Kool Kendra
I would've said NOPE!!! Close the door and leave... Ain't no one got time for that!!!
Kurt Barlow
Such a great scene, really subtle but brilliantly done. The 1979 Salem’s lot is an absolute masterpiece
Larry Dickenson
The most underrated scary movie of all time.
Lasray's World
Looooooook at meeeeeeeee
Lexington Duncan
Me trying to get some validation from my husband.
Lori Owens
Okay it took me about a million times it seems to watch the movie Phantasm before I could watch that movie and like that movie. And also maturing. Lol this movie? I would have to watch about as much as I did phantasm lol\n\nThis dude just made me do the heebie jeebies dance. Lol
Mark Wright
Underrated movie along with the original wickerman.
The effects on those eyes are incredible. How did they do this in 1979?
Matanza Monere
I was screaming like a little girl when I first saw this.
Max Turner
Classic scene from the best vampire book EVER!  Rest-in-peace, Geoffrey Lewis.
The power of Christ compels you!
Best vampire movie in my opinion. The special effects look silly now but back then they were awesome. I would love to see a remake.
Mytzl Plk
I’d sell my soul for eyes like that.
Nathaniel Hickman II
Ain't nobody wanna look at that face!
Nblp 7001
Before vampires were turned into sparkling twats.
Paul Velez
Shady brought me here
Pedro Torres
This movie scared me so much when I was 9 that a dream a few nights later with a friend of the family who had just passed, he was outside the living room window floating and asked me if I wanted to go with me, i was going to open and let him in, I said no I was happy and only a kid, he said I understand! True story!
Peter Martin
People used to be scared by this lol
Don't ever watch this movie with lights off.
RJ MacReady
Excellent scene and a great movie! Saw it in the 80s as a little kid and freaked me out!
NEVER invite a Kardashian into your house. Crucifixes don't work on them.
Randall Flagg
what a book
Rhys Seddon
I love the guy in this, this is just implanted in my head forever
Sam Caraballo Jr.
Scared the living shit out of me
Sam Coon
Back when the actors were good, the scripts and stories were good and simple special effects were the best.
Savage Sooner
Scared the 💩 out of me as a kid, still scaring the 💩 out of me today...
Scotty Babb
I saw this movie when I was nine years old in 1979 it really scared the hell out of me
Shaun Penne
Tobe Hooper was underrated, under valued and under used throughout the last 20 years! This one scene (And there are many in this film that are just as scary!) is testament to how brilliant Tobe Hooper was, squeezing wrought suspense through sound effects and sheer skill! You will be sorely missed, you and George Romero were total legends! R.I.P Tobe Hooper, the Saw will ALWAYS be family!!!
Shawn Gilmore
the scariest vampire movie of all times
Stethacan Thus
Holy shit look at the state of him! This vid should be part of a government warning campaign - \
Steve Parker
Classic cult movie, I loved it when I was young, one of Stephen kings better ones, and the Vampire was proper Nosferatu style.
Stu Saville
Pretty much my reaction to selfie posting, social media narcissists\n\
The Sizzler
Salem's Lot was awesome\n Twighlight was dumb
My favourite vampire movie, you will enjoy Mr. Barlow, and he'll enjoy you.
I know I'm going out on a limb here, but I think he wants us to look at him.
Back when vampires were scary.... before they glorified them.. make them into love pixies.
Amazing scene... i love Salems lot as a kid i always thought of This guy as Orville in every which way but loose and any which way you can with clint... it was creepy to see him as a vamp...where's Clyde when you need him lol.
Might be the creepiest vampire I've ever seen.
_No_\n*Closes door*\n*Credits start rolling*
aww that's just Philo beddoe's buddy from Any which way but Loose he had just been smoking some chronic, that's all.. LOL
Warren Parham
I loved Salem's Lot, definitely one of my favorite Vampire films. Along with Blacula, Let the right one in and Fright Night.
Finally...a vampire who knows how to actually be a vampire.
Zeeshan Ansari
Still a better love story than Twilight.
Ahh back in the day before they made a vampire something women would want to sleep with. Which is ridiculous to begin with, can't get a stiffy if you don't have blood flow. Then they doubled down on that and made them 'sparkle in the sunlight like diamonds'. Such tripe. Traditionally, the myth is that a vampire, once turned, is not longer the person they were, they are now a perversion of the person that once existed, with no more emotional connections to their previous life than a zombie, with whom they share the same qualification = undead. It's what made them so terrifying. These days, they are the heroes. Figures, they even try making Lucifer out to be some misunderstood yuppie.
No jump scares needed here. Full on bicycle clip time. Music and picture compliment each other. Can't be beaten.
I like the part where he says “look at me”
I've noticed over the last decade crosses no longer work on vampires. In the old Hammer films, having God on your side was essential. Now faith isn't a factor.
Oh shit! The book and the movie are so flippin scary!
friendly foxy
Back when vampires were supposed to be scary and not craply seducing their victims
jon 79jw
Love how the lost boys used the same style of vampire make-up
magnus zetterqvist
Scared the sh.t out of me when I was 12....still does.\nOpen the window Mark...
I think he wants you to look at him.
mythical beast
Mike was my favorite character, i was so sad to see him go😭\nRest in peace Geoffrey Lewis 😭 ❤❤
nahmanini sithole
Lew Ayres is the gentleman that opens the door.A famous actor from All quiet on the Western Front (1930). Mr. Ayres was a conscientious objector to war during WW2. He was wrongfully accused of avoiding serving his country and was subsequently black balled from very lucrative acting roles. His career almost came to an end because of it. Then it was later learned that not only did he serve his country in a non-combat capacity, he donated his entire salary to the war effort not keeping even one dime for himself. Mr. Lew Ayres was not only a great actor he was also a great American.
Luke... i am your father 😁
Now these are vampires, not the type who fall in love and play baseball games and are cool with sunlight.
It always amuses me to see Lew Ayres through the years and realize he was in the 1930 All Quite On The Western Front, an immortal classic.
Republican vs Demoncrat (2018)
Валари Петровский
Lol that guy in rockin chair is Juliette Lewis's dad.