Austin St. John (ASJ) - How I Got The Role Of Jason, The Red Power Ranger

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My entire story of how I got cast as Jason, The Red Ranger of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. (... did you know "Jason" was not the original character's name in the show? I tell you why they changed it...hint: It had to do with me). This vlog has the story of the the final audition...including the big fight sequence we had to choreograph and perform for the heads of 20th Century Fox and Saban Entertainment. SUBSCRIBE TO FANWARD FOR MORE VLOGS LIKE THISArtist Profile: Austin St. John played The Original Red Power Ranger in the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV Show that is still airing on TV and Netflix today. As of this release Austin has well over 500K followers across all his social media platforms. He is an actor, sits on boards for non-profits, and travels to Comic Cons all over the world to meet his fans.Austin's Website:www.AustinStJohn.bizSocial Media:Facebook - Follow all my Vlogs on Fanward.Subscribe, Follow, and let me know what you think!!

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I really hated how Forever Red implied that Tommy was the greatest red ranger.
The best red ranger end of any one gotta a problem with that then tough Austin rules i never liked the green ranger he was to cockey and a big head team Austin all the way
Andre Beau-lee
Austin seriously we need this fight if it was filmed. And or like a reenactment of the fight. Or more fight martial arts videos
Anthony Colon
You Belong on the 25 anniversary episode Leading it. You started the legacy and you should lead it.
Ascetic View
*A Chop To The Throat*
BRokTLittrells princess
I'm glad he didnt murder you in the hall way. I'd have lost a friend. what a great story by the way. 😁
Beard Up Beer Down
Phenomenal storyteller
Best Red Ranger and the best leader of the Power Rangers!
So he was Jason before he got the role
You rock dude :D
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!
Candie Jo
You rock Austin! Love your videos! Best red ranger ever!!
Cary LaForce
I'm sure it was very pretty😄 I'm glad he didn't murder you
Ceeboy ForLife
I hated how they made Tommy the leader suddenly, Jason was always the leader.
Celestial Gaming
I know jdf is already in this year’s reunion but they need to put Austin St. John and Jason David Frank ( Jason and tommy) for next year’s reunion for sure. Iconic duo
Charles Maceda-Maciel
Thank you for sharing Austin! Such a great're an amazing storyteller!!! You should seek him out lol. If all the exceptionally tall people were cast as rangers, then Amy Jo Johnson must've been in that group...although she's pretty small lol.
Comic Dork
I would like to here more from him he gets so into it. It’s fun to listen to him.
David Pitts
This man can tell a story
David Shockley
Epic story telling sir!\n\nIf you do ever get to go and retry the choreographed fight with the guy, you should make sure to film it...or see about doing it at a conference
Davone Fisher
Yo, his Australian accent is awesome.
Devin Allen
Dam always a fan of the rangers kungfu is my absolute favorite especially shoalin kungfu that’s realy helpfull
Diego Garcia
Austin try comedy movies bro.
Doris Chicango
Congratulations dear Austin.
Please get Walter Jones or Amy Jo next please!
Edwin Burgos
Angry hobbit from japan 😂😂
El Muchacho Tipico
Jason was my favorite Red Ranger, when i was little, i just imagine being like him. Amazing character Austin!
Was the 8th Dan Jeff Imada?
Evan Quinn
Man it's hard to make me laugh and you just telling stores had me rolling. You're so awesome man, hero when I was a kid, and still one when I'm inching closer to 30!
FireMadeFlesh II
This is why Austin made a THE BEST leader. What a fantastic story! I'm literally sitting here with my mouth like 😱 & my mind like 🤯; hanging on to his every word. Jason David Frank telling the same story would've taken us on a verbal tangent to Mars & we would've never came back. lol. From the bottom of my heart, I'm so glad Austin's back in the public eye again with the Morphicons, vids like this, etc. The OG Red Ranger will ALWAYS be the coolest 🙌🏿 I'd love to see other castmates do similar videos like this!\n\nCan't believe it's been 25 years since I was on pins & needles waiting for this \
For His Glory
Best Red Ranger in all of American Power Ranger history. He was the cleanest martial artist, he looked the part, he had the leadership experience from martial arts, AND was a decent actor. No one in the entire cast of power rangers has matched up to him to this day IMO.
G Clem
Austin is a really cool guy, my favorite by far
Gazlene Invasora
It's morphin time!!!
Giryu Kenta
Do a martial art movie please
I love how he tells the story. He paints a picture with his words and hands.
HM The Tsar of Russia
Henry Jhoel Zurita Aguada
11:16 Is the most funny part, the hoobit turns to a mix of a dragon destroyer of cities and mom... a real pissed off mom... Awesome
Infinity Nexus
Do I see Mark Hamill in that picture?
I love Austin's personality, It is funny as hell. lmfao
J Smooth Soul Beats
that was a great story
Jakharr Vinta/VoryoMTG
Daaaamn! That sounds like the most epic fight ever.
Jason Souxdorf
My name is Jason. When i'm a little boy i have a red suit of power rangers. 👨\u200d🎤 In past. (sorry for my english)
Javed Ahmed
Out of curiosity as a fellow martial artist, what styles did you study?
Jay Silva
This video is Golden!\nJason was the best red Ranger to me cuz he reps my name and red is my fav color. Is it any wonder the first series has the longevity.\nIronic my first name is Jason and middle name is Victor.
Jeff Cox
Do you ever keep in touch with any of the other rangers?
Jerry The Ferret
You had to fist fight a T Rex while wearing red spandex. We know :)
Jose Gomez
He is the number one and best red ranger ever
Juanell Hopper
😂 that was an awesome description. Glad you won that role. My sisters and I watched that show from the beginning.
Kai Suzugamori
That was an epic story
Man, it’s been over 20 years, but to this day, I’ll always pick Jason Scott as the greatest Ranger of them all. It’s just honestly a shame how the actor and character gets no respect 😤😡😔
Kevin Howard
I love how he can remember something that happened 25 years ago and I cant even remember yesterday lol. I love the Holy Grail of Power Rangers toys he has behind him
I had the honor to meet him at Silicon Valley Comic Con last April, what a great guy. Hope one day we will see the original team all comeback for one big MMPR movie.
M e t l o w e
My brother was into power rangers I was just waiting till Batman the animated series would come on but this story got me pumped up lol
Mark Cruz
Hahha if that was an Australian accent. That was really good
Michael Angelica
I wonder if Austin always approached scenes as if they were all real.
Michael Gonzales
Didn't realize he was actually around the right age for that part. And didn't know he had zero acting experience. The acting in MMPR wasn't the best, but for a guy with zero experience, that was mighty impressive.
Midnight Darkwolf
I would love to see that fight animated
ASJ. I'd have to say that every one of your fans has probably already asked you every question that I would have for you. I couldn't really think of a good question to ask you until now but I'm afraid that someone has already asked you this one too so you don't have to answer or even respond if that's the case. It wouldn't make my world any darker if you don't respond anyway because seeing you put out more content is Excellent Enough... ... and I'm also used to no responses. My question for you is, when you were working across seas, were there any times where you were put in a dangerous situation where had to apply some of the self defense or survival skills that's you've learned to get you through? Again... You don't have to respond. If you were in one or two situations like that, I'm very glad you've made it back home safely.
Mostafa Farweez
Wow, that's a really Great Video. I really like it ❤👍👍 I didn't know that there was THIS MUCH Audition for Power Rangers 😮 and I really like Austin's Sense of Humor 👍👍 It's really nice ❤👍😊
I don't know what's more amazing: the fight, or that Australian accent. Thanks so much for this video.
I love ASJ. He was my idol as a kid, and I met him at a Con. He was super friendly and I was star-struck.
The best power ranger facts he beat the green ranger solo in the show remember as kid
I've just watched all episodes from season one to three and I have to admit, season one was the best. It was really disappointing to see Jason, Zach and Trini go and even to this day, it's still sad for me. You were always my favorite ranger, hands down. Goldar had nothing!
Pocalypse TV
Dude sounded just like Jason Statham wen he did that accent 4:32
I met him at comic con four years ago! I even shook his hand it was so awesome!
I'd love to see Austin shoot that fight scene XD I'm sure lots of others would too.
R.J. N.
Great story, been an inspiration since childhood.
I would love for them to do a behind the scenes type of movie like how they did saved by the bell. That'd be awesome...
Robert Snyder
Roel Riojas
Teach me to become Kamen Rider
Toshishiro Obata i believe is who is talking about.
ASJ is one hell of a great guy. Acted pretty much like you could expect Jason to, and he had a clear love and respect for his fans, both new and old.\n\nWalter Jones was the same way. He was just like Zack.
Soundwave 84
I'm 17 myself and been taking taekwondo for for several years, and im very impressed with this guy. Even though I have decent martial arts skills, I don't think I would have gotten the role as the Red Ranger.
5:51 Kamikaze? i think he meant Yakuza, Great video tho.
Star Brand
Well...he still has \
Is that photo on the wall Walter Jones with Colin Baker
You were and still are my favorite ranger.
Tanequa Woodson
You are awesome and amazing job as the role you played Jason the Red Power you are awesome
Ted kejick
You need a rematch with the angry hobbit.
The Movie Universe
The Super Eagle 🦅 🇳🇬🇺🇸
This is why Jason Frank always seemed so damn extra lol... he couldn’t keep up with a real one #ForeverRed
Thomas Williams8484
Llol lol Awsome video...and funny As hell👍👍👊👊👊😁😁😁😀
Valerie Glenn
Love you Austin I love the power rangers since I was kid Iam 33 years old and my daughter loves watching it with me your her favorite love hugs and kisses
Valerie Perez
I’m was just looking at the MMPR toys in the background the whole time 🤣
The real life mr incredible
Yusuf Khan
Reallysucked they did not film this,also sucks that he only were in the series for one season.BEst red ranger ever
Lmao I wish they did TV shows nowadays when anyone could just walk in and audition
i'm glad you're not dead.
He's very animated. Lol almost like he drinks alot of coffee.
Once a ranger always a ranger
Please tell me that the sparring match with the 8th dan was on film. And where's the YouTube link?
jarrad h
That Aussie Accent was on point. too bloody right champ, have a go at ya. cheers mate. Love ya.
eating his own children and doesn't even notice they were missing....sounds a lot like the titan Chronos xD
kirby march Barcena
@2:45... He's 17 and doesn't know what a \
I would love to see Saban release these auditions tapes with fox. It'd be something to behold!
miki francis
Epic!!!! Great storyteller. You are the Best Austin!
This is the funniest video I've ever seen. I've always wanted to meet ASJ, but now I want to even more, 'cause he clearly has a wicked sense of humor. :D
poncho halcon
Man the fight he discribes sounds Bad Ass we need to look to see if anybody records this of any of the rangers \
steven alvarez
I pretty much know his story. I'd filmed 3 of his Q&A panels. I'm sad that he won't be at Power Morphicon, expect for Thursday, I'm working hard on getting a One-On-One Interview with him.
Man! Now how amazing would it have been if there was actual fighting like he described on the show!? Lol \n I'm not the biggest fan of ASJ, but this was really cool. No doubt he was the sh*t back-in-day, in his prime. Too bad I never got to experience that though since I wasn't even born until 1998 Lol.
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