How I Got The Role Of Jason Lee Scott, The Red Power Ranger - AUSTIN ST. JOHN: THE RED RANGER

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My entire story of how I got cast as Jason Lee Scott, The Red Ranger of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. (... did you know "Jason" was not the original character's name in the show? I tell you why they changed it...hint: It had to do with me). This vlog has the story of the the final audition...including the big fight sequence we had to choreograph and perform for the heads of 20th Century Fox and Saban Entertainment. SUBSCRIBE TO FANWARD FOR MORE VLOGS LIKE THISArtist Profile: Austin St. John played The Original Red Power Ranger in the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV Show that is still airing on TV and Netflix today. As of this release Austin has well over 500K followers across all his social media platforms. He is an actor, sits on boards for non-profits, and travels to Comic Cons all over the world to meet his fans.Austin's Website:www.AustinStJohn.bizSocial Media:Facebook - Follow all my Vlogs on Fanward.Subscribe, Follow, and let me know what you think!!

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