Troy VS Bullies

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From Episode 7 "Who's Cryin' Now?"Troy takes on some hapless bullies who target him for some reason or another.Morphin' LegacyYour Source for Power Rangers News from Mighty Morphin' to MegaForce!I DO NOT OWN SUPER SENTAI OR POWER RANGERS, ALL RIGHTS TO TOEI, SABAN , NICKELODEON AND BANDAI

Megaforce Rangers Power

- Mighty-Robo -
Dont bully the nerds
Cool as *_ICE_* 💎❄
Troy is a bad ass man he took it like a big strong person
Abigail Beddoe
Troy is a real hunk he is so handsome ❤❤❤❤
Ali Albarjas
Alyssa Dadag
Troy's hot
Angelo12345 Poly67890
I hate bullys
Anyeloboss Ulloa
I wish i could be troy friend
fat brady
Bishnupriya Dei
winner is Troy
Black Knight
I fought a bully and won
Why is the blonde guy in the light blue sweatshirt carrying the black backpack playing a high school student in this show? He is balding and looks 35!
2:37Child Donald trump that's why he is on fire nowadays.
Troy is a boss
Chanzgirl Dancer
Love u troy
Cobra YT
0:53 Bully: \
Conner Gaskell
Hey terminator where is your glasses
Ok he's actually so cute omg lol
His performance was so dead-pan, it bored the bullies
Daniel Norton
Troy wasn't programmed for tears
Daniel rogers
I didnt know bulk and skull had kids LOL
DareDevil The Tester
Where is from power rangers or some trashy thing
David Eggs
2:26 Did anyone else see that’s dude hand?
DermetrisGaming 79
In my opinion Troy is one of the top four red Rangers\n\n1.Jayden(Samurai)\n2.Troy(Megaforce)\n3.Casey(Jungle Fury)\n4. Tyler(Dino Charge)
Diamond girls
Troy look like ken😂still love this video
Doge Doge
Dylan Field
has to be the worst acting to go along with the worst portrayal of what a bully is
Dymond Pinckney
Troy dos his work he deser respect
Eslam Hamdy
أسم الفيلم
Fiego's Stop motion
Finally a handsome,strong teenager who's not a a$$ hole
Flame Demonaire
Flaming J
Troy is amazing and has a big heart
Giovanni Ezeigbo
nice troy
Gustavo Garcia
Respect Troy
Hasnaa AlH.
Wooow\nTroy man hot 😍😍😍💔💟
High Im Damon
Husaini Arif Arif
Hussein Rammahi
Well Emma was funny there about “what a guy.”
Infiniti slayer
Love this show
Isha Waldron
Troy is cute
Ismail Luqmaan
Me at 01:16 and 02:17 wow ya really gotta love Troy
Jake Kong
Troy is a legend
Jake Sherman football
Is it just me or is that this really cringeworthy
Jakub Haruk
2:14 Just because you bigger doesn't mean you can pick on him or even his bug no matter how small everything deserves respect
Jonathan Himmelfarb
of course he didn't cry... robots can't cry...
2:48 she has a big crush on him 😂❤️
Kevin G Bino
this power rangers series is SHIT
Korab Totaj
La Viuda Negra Medina
Troy is so cute I what him to be my boyfriend so bad I hope he don't have a girlfriend because I what him to be my boyfriend
Lingking Albitos
Lobar Abdullaeva
jonathan he's not a robot
Damn everybody should noscope those bullies like they are newbies.
Magally J
Marcus Calesa 64
The first thing I've noticed about the not fat bully is the nose but I should have noticed the forehead first 😂😂😂😂😂
Marilyn Jones
Holding a beetle captive in a tube is NOT showing Respect for a small creature.
Merve Gezer
Troy. 💖💛 gia
Mya Brown
Troys actually really handsome
Natachou Tali
Troy hot imo lol
Nevo Hyams
How much cliché is possible
Bully: what’s wrong are you gonna cry?\n\nTroy: Take a good look. Do you see any tears?\n\nBully: “TRIGGERED”
Reverse Fuhrer
Troy should become the Flash.
RiquiRoque Fort
Troy es por T?
Sameeyah Kalloo
Troy is so brave😚
Samina Jabeen
That guy is so calm and cool
Samuel 1256
1:15 why are his eyes so red looks like he smoked 50 pounds of cocaine.
Sarahj K
Bully gets you nowhere in life
Scarlet Witch
😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 this is how ya handle bullie's😂
Wow troy nice job
Shahzad khilji
Try telling that to the Americans.....\
Skifax Gumming
I think the producers might actually have been trying to make this scene as unrealistic, cliche, and corny as possible
SpartØn TM
Motu Patlu
Stupid Lichstar
Go Troy
The acting is so bad. It feels like an english dub of an anime.
Tareq Alazzawi
name movi
I'll be honest tho that was a cool line at 1:15 - 1:20
Thomas McMahon
Asmows😎 Go Tory Ture Spartan stick Good.😇☺ not Boles😈😇😈 just like me I was in School Stuck up for my bast Friand once pond Time like me Asmown Tory you Cool Nolan Jeck Giean Mmman Oronain all you are Favourite as my Fans🌟 power Rangers☇megaforce power super☇ Maceforce XD Rangers megaforce
omg the cringe is real
Viktor Ivanov
Troy is very cool man💪💪💪
YouTuber Gamer
Who hate bully like if u hate bully's
Zara Warda Daniya
I like TROY .He's so hot . He's so handsome and strong teenager
Zoe Edwards
Go Troy
Trai looks like Thai ladyboy 🙄😂💔
cagdyitrafs fh5dtdf
troy its cool😍🙊💜
can we hit 1M subscriber with barely any videos ?
This is the most cringiest thing ive seen.
dwight Thomas
Lets goooooo troy!!!!!!! #best
fire and water dragon slayer
Troy is hot
i candy
Troy and his pouty lips and perfectly coiffed hair😂
I thought there was going to be like some fighting and then I realized that it was from nickolodeon..
ikram beauty tv
Movie name pleaseee
john gonzaga
Cool as me
mason blackwell
what this show called
physcially retarded
Cringe 👲
prinxezzhev Martin
0:32 ohh brother
rahul Kumar
rocky style
Is it any series or movie?
tiago soares
Aaaaaaaa vai brasil
victor hernandez
that girl is hot asf lol
{Davi batista}
Goode medeor