K-1 Classics: Ernesto Hoost vs. Bob Sapp Feud

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This was a big clash with brute strength vs technique. Watch the small documentary of the battle between Hoost and Sapp. Although Sapp won their bouts there no doubt who was the winner here (and most of his K-1 career). Regardless I give credit to Sapp for lasting Hoost low kicks and killer kidney blows he gave Sapp and winning. As a result Sapp broke his hand in the Finals, making Hoost go for gold again.From: K-1 Grand Prix Opening 2002 and K-1 Grand Prix Finals 2002Saa! Enjoii!!*This is from my VHS so it won't be HD but did my best to get it looking good in a big screen for you all :)

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Adolf Hitler
No matter how unskilled Bob Sapp is...I wouldn't want to fight him!
Omg i hate this fucking bob sopp and all those people who said that he is a good boxer or a good mma fighter he is just an animal or a ball of meet he dont know nothing about boxing or fighting .
Andy Banai
Bob proofs the world that skills not rules but weight and muscles!
380 pounds with a six pAck. Freak of nature I wish hoist beat him so bad
Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central
Sapp won this fight using pure adrenaline and testosterone. He's can't fight for shit but his punches are atom bombs. Scary dude. One pf the most badass power punchers ever.
Bob Mangal
Hoost had not learned anything from the previous fight again no power management he went for the head while sap was fragile for body punches ? He went to the corners while Sap could not fight in the center of the ring ? He gave Sap his crown while he had it already on his head.
Brad V
I like how people just say \
Brio Brio
Bob sapp should’ve played football \nNo one would match him ...
Chuck Amuck
Question to Hoost: How do you fight a tsunami, because Sapp is so big he literally engulfs his opponents.
Claudiu Cojocaru
Both fights Hoost made the same mistake, instead of stay away and using his speed and agility to control the fight ... he went near giving all the advantage back to Sapp.
Cyrus Fidelio
Back then Sapp kind of tried to actually win. Now he just goes down after 10 seconds.
Dancing Spiderman
5:15 I love the way the ref breaks up the pair at the end of the round!
Dave C
Bob got mad from all those leg kicks.
David Macias
hoost could have won all he had to do was circle and not get caught in the corners
David Tran
Sapp showed heart, thats why he beat Hoost twice. He ate shots till Hoost got tired, broke a hand and still won.
It doesn't matter how skilled you are, if you fight another man who is 100 pounds heavier than you you CANNOT trade punches with him. PERIOD. You MUST stick and move. Use your feet and do not allow him to corner you in the ropes. To beat a mean who is that much bigger than you you have to do 2 things. 1: stick and move. Land a strike or two and then move to avoid return fire. Use lots of movement. And 2. Tie him up when he has cornered you. This is the only way and thus fight is a lesson for all us fighters who may find ourselves fighting a bigger opponent. Ernesto could have easily won this fight but Ernesto was too much of a tough guy to stick and move and win on points. Look at what Cro Cop did to Bob Sapp. He sticked and moved and eventually caught Bob Sapp with a monster punch. It's the only way to beat a much larger opponent .
Elliott Chan
at that time sap was a major threat to any fighter . Ernesto had the wrong strategie in both fights , he tried to stand and trade blows with a much bigger opponent ; he should have circeled around him and striked throm different angles like Cro Cop and Bonjasky did ; but then again thats not Hoosts style .
Emir Vražlić
bravo bob enrnesto mr.perfect
Hoost is the black Bas Rutten
Fariz No Hope
How many EXP he earn that day?
Hamza Khaliq
A legend like Hoost loses to this idiot.
Hulk Smash 24/7
This shit was like a damn Rocky movie..  Great fights.
Bet that Hoost never been punched so hard before. Its astonishing to think how one of the legends of K-1 would have Sapp as his nemesis. I think it was just a poor choice of strategy for this fight, as he was trying to soak up a 400 pound gorilla punches instead of going through distance like everyone else did to him at this time, which was probably Bob Sapp's prime.
I think Hoost's problem was strategy, not technique or strength. He tried to go toe-to-toe because of his pride. Even the best fighters can't win toe-to-toe against a much larger man. They have to outsmart them and win in unorthodox ways. I think if they do that, technique beats strength 9 times out of 10. 
Jack & Cola
never knew bob sapp won a fight
James Sina
Sapp should have stayed out of MMA & he would have been better off.
JeevS GOne
Bob Sapp at his prime would have cost Cain at least 10% of his cardio.
Jim Owens
hoost should b ashamed of himself twice lmao
Joe G.
Did anyone else notice the ref kick Sapp at 5:17?! Lol
Joe Riznyk
10:56 the referee kicks bob sapp after the bell. XDXDXDXD
Johnny Nunya
Going toe to toe with him was so stupid, he should of had bob chase him around while landing those kicks the first round and wear himself out. He was never going to out punch him. His own fault for losing those matches.
Joris De Laat
The reff cut it to early !! Dammnnnnnnnn
Brock lesnar vs bob sap at UFC 200
Julian Nikolay Krogh-Fredriksen
lol this is like watching django unchained
Kamm Scott
Its crazy hoost beat people sapp couldnt lol. But sapp beat hoost twice . kinda confusing but i guess lol
I don't get it, why didn't hoost just circle around instead of staying in a corner and being a punching bag?
Bob Sapp has always been interesting and fun to watch,he is an unusual character and his unorthodox fighting style and personality are never boring.
Ernesto looked like a ragdoll against bob sapp
Mond Christopher
I can't believe this...
Noone throws haymakers like Sapp...
Bob Sapp was good fighter and in later of his career he sold his career record. He go in fight, he takes money, he dont care about score. Noobs will think that he is weak and always lose. :) In the fact nowdays he dont have even 50% of shape from his prime.
Bob Sapp has no skill whatsoever and does not deserve to win a fight.
Peter Pedro
K1 was better then the ufc
The power of steroids and that second loss was BUULLLLLSSSSHHHIIIIIT.
Random Task
Ernesto exposed for the whiny fraud he is, almost all of his losses have been devastating unlike any other k1 fighter and he is still called the best? LOL! Knocked out cold by Branko Cikatic twice, Francisco Filho almost killed him, Bob Sapp KO'ed him twice, knocked out cold by JLB twice. And you can tell by the acne on Ernesto's chest that he was on steroids too! No other K1 fighter has had as many devastating losses as Ernesto. Andy Hug and Peter Aerts put on much better fights than this coward, actually fought, and didn't whine when they lost, and they didn't get put in a coma every time they lost like Mr. Overrated Ernesto Hoost.
Reverie Planetarian
Sapp's like a Punch-Out character come to life.
Ricardo Ferreira
This was sapp's prime a steroid monster without tecnick
Japanese WWE totally staged fight
Richard Cranium
Bob Sapp is a likable guy, much nicer than most fighters.
Roar Blast
this looks like a man fighting a bear.
Roman Shelest.
it was cool fight!
SP95 ntR
...so the rule is..if you loose..you get 4 times.....!!!!
Bob Sapp's punches are so slow they got release dates
Siro Venom
referee kick bob sapp is legal? 5:17
Cant believe I found a Bob Sapp fight he actually won! pound for pound probably the worst fighter ever!
sapp has no technique
The Kickboxing Community
Sapp gets my credit for this one.
Tom Williams
The only video i have seen where Bob Sapp actually tried to fight.
Tonverschieber offiziell
terrible fighter
Trevor Regay
I guess this is why you should never get Bob Sapp mad at you....I think he really didn't like this Hoost guy....for whatever reason......all his other matches I don't think he cared one way or the other if he won or lost.....he just looked at it as entertainment for the fans........and if he really wanted to kick your @$$ he could have, or at least made a lot better attempt at it......
Cant believe Hoost lost twice to that bum rusher.
El ernesto host hubiera podido ganar los dos combates y por confiarse perdio.
Yakir Dorani
9:40 - I still can't believe Ernesto didn't finish him on that moment. Sapp wasn't defending himself at all.
i think hoost was paid to lose.
Хуст лох! Не мог это уебка отпиздить.
give sapp credit. he was just a strong Football Player that had no Business in the ring with hoost. yet he beat him TWICE!!! that is one of the greatest upsets in combat Sports history.
imagine Sapp could actually fight...its crazy how much pain he could take and just shake it off... and imagine the force behind the punches.. he made Hoost (who is a beast too) look like a punching bag... damn...
Hoost had maybe the luckiest run ever to the K1 title in 2002. He got beat by Sapp in qualifiers but got through to the quarter final because Semmy Schilt pull out with injury. He then gets beat again by Sapp but gets into the Semi final because Sapp had an injured hand. He beats Ray Sefo in the Semi final because Sefo had a shin injury from previous fight with Peter Aerts and then in the final he was losing until he broke Lebanner's arm with kick.\n\nSemmy Schilt is the greatest HW kickboxer ever.
Say what you will about Sapp. But one thing that cannot be denied, is that for all his lack of skill, technique and such, the guy had heart and will. Got him through a lot of fights he should have for all intents and purposes lost. Credit to him for beating the best fighter K-1 ever had twice. No one can take that from him, regardless of the jokes about the rest of his career,
It was a mistake for him to try to go toe-to-toe with Sapp.  Sapp is just a brawler with little to no real technique but he's powerful.  Very similar to George Foreman's power in his prime.  Sapp was very slow and lumbering but he can absorb a lot of abuse..  Hoost should have known better.  He let his pride get in the way and thought he had to stand up to him and not move.  He just made himself a target.  He should have kept kicking that leg then throw some kicks to the head.   No way should he have lost to Sapp either time. 
The second fight looks bought . . .
Bob sapp beat Ernesto Hoost who beat cro cop .How does that work?
eric g
damnit Bob Sapp throw some body shots!!!!
fastcloudcom pc gaming
haha after the fight ernesto walks like he did a workout but bob sapp looked like he got hit by a train
flow repins666
This is raw strength power overcoming technique at the most extreme level for both sides. If Sapp had technique of hoost he would have been champion every year
geen naam
LOL, look at the ref @ 3:47. He looks atBob Sap and nods like telling him, oeh that kick hurt, i feel you.
6:13\nNot in a racist way butt Bobb Sapp started going Alpha Male Monkey real quick...lol
josey wales
After Bob manhandeld Ernesto and Noquiera like 7 year olds, and got his collarbone broken by Crocop. He decided to lay down after every punch to make a quick buck, and not to take any more damage.\nI  think his brain will be better off at 55, compared to the boys who went to war every fight. I also think  he,s a disgrace for the sport.
1:40 keep clicking
100% Sapp was yoked on roids. Ernesto is so much better than him.
kobus NL
Ernesto will always be a champion for me, and a lot of fellow Dutchman.
I like Bob Sapp, he deserve the respect for his courage.
kukarcha kukushashvili
FUC bob sapp Hoost hamp sap mooning
les antoine
Nice shot to the body by Ernesto
Hoost could have easily won both matches, but he fell into the trap of trying to out-Sapp Sapp ie. he got suckered into slugging it out with the bigger, stronger man.  He also allowed himself to get stuck in the corners and against the ropes.  Not to mention, Sapp used a lot of questionable/illegal techniques like holding while hitting, etc...\n\nIn Sapp's fight against CroCop, Mirko basically employed a hit-and-run strategy until he knocked Sapp down. \n\nWith that said, this was Sapp at his hungriest.  This was when he was still trying to make a name for himself and had nothing to lose.  The guy took a hellacious beating in both fights and kept going forward.  You have to give him credit for that. 
luke dawson
I can't believe Sapp ever beat that guy. It must have been rigged, surely.
Bob Sapp was clearly the better man.
paul luque
hoost is best
does anyone know if bob sapp was actually a good fighter? or was he just known for his massive size?
is it just me or doesn't Ernesto Hoost look like the black Bas Rutten.
bob sapp is funny
Hoost could of won but he needed to train more in his stamina... He need to learn from ali and wait til snapp gets tired then attack.
Sapp deserves more credit for this. How do you beat technique? Make it a brawl. Make it a dirty fight. Have a chin and use power. He did exactly that.
wtf happened to Bob Sapp? On his early fights he at least actually tries to do some damage. Now he taps after like 3 punches to the face.
vangos vangelis
It would be fair  heavyweight champions to be divided in heavyweight and super-heavyweiht (at least those 2 subcategories)..Sapp was 45 kilos more than Hoost...Not fair
vasil georgiev
k-1 was the best at those years... i miss it so much
Is bob sapp the \
Álex Freitas
Sapp só venceu porque Ernesto não se movimenta bem.