Napoleon talks on 2pact mad atcha song to clarify who pac was talking about

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Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale, better known as Napoleon, is a former member of Tupac Shakur's rap group Outlawz. Beale has since converted to Islam and is now a motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

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As salamu alaikum my brother Mutah, I love your blogs! JazakAllah khairan
ALABA_ 187
African Pharaoh
Pac was good at predicting the future so he probly new one of his boys would become a Muslim
Alex Kass
Ramadan Mubarak bro. We love you bro.
Love & Respect To You.
Ali Deen
Napolean always talk about 2pac to stay relevent cus u got nothing us to talk about fool
Anas Alalwe
Much-loved from MAKKAH LOVE you keep it up brother 😘
im trying to fast for the first time....its so hard man
Big L
Come to melbourne bro
Caine Able
Mutah, don’t disrespect Allah’s power by making decisions for him. Only he decides who is Muslim and who is not. Educate yourself before you speak on the NOI. \nDid “real Muslims” in Saudi Arabia come and defend and free the the shackles on Black people during slavery? No, they had their own slavery. You are lost in religion.
Chinky Black
Ramadam Mubarak Mutah.\nMay this Month bring you more self love, those who have done you wrong forgive and let go of all the baggage that holds you down which takes away enjoyment in life.
Christopher Engish Eubank
It's amazing how this man has changed his life around. Inspiring
Daniel Z
islam is False Christianty is the only way to Heaven read The Holy Bible not follow follow talk talk and other muslim people
David Elder
I want to know how he and others that are real Muslims feel about us and Al Qaeda and the Taliban and he says he wants to follow the real prophets which I point Muhammad and in the Quran it says cut infedels heads off so what do y'all say? I'm just curious. I'm Christian but respect Napoleon. 💯
Dion Mckinney
Allaho Akbar
Dr Manhattan
maybe one day we can all toss aside these fairy tales and just appreciate being alive- and appreciate others being alive. Reject the tribe. Reject the Pack. Reject the herd. Be an individual! Until then - I aint mad at cha, got nothing but love for ya, do your thang.
Eddie KANE
Sup Po Nitty
The crucifixion of Yeshua is historical. He was crucified and he died. The apostles were in disbelief that could happen to him and feared it would happen to them, so they fled and hid and denied Yeshua. Not to long later they reappeared preaching that Yeshua was raised from the dead. In the face of persecution and death. No more fear in their hearts. What changed them? Why the quick turn around? What did they get out of it? Money, riches, a better life? They put down their life to preach the Gospel and they did it for a reason, a reason they knew to be true, Yeshua was raised from the dead. God incarnate. I pray you look at the evidence for yourself with a open heart because if you do you will find the truth. The truth that Yeshua died for us all and was raised for us all. I love you all
England won
Brother mutah stop trying to ressurect what's dead and gone.. Islam doesn't teach about tupac leave him out of the picture now.
Erkan Aksel
Mashallah Brother , that s Right what you say about this fake Nation of Islam !!
Thanks for the clarification bro, I was wondering about that for awhile
Fatemah Moh
You live in Riyadh? I thought you lived in Khobar. You gotta visit Kuwait🙏 I still find it weird to believe you left first world to live in the 3rd world “that I live in btw” good to know you’re happy, god bless you brother!
Forgotten Morgan
Man ur awesome...Im inspired by ur story! Specially that part u were talking about forgiveness and how u saved the life of the murderer of ur parents in prison, i hope to meet u someday in person
Furious Styles
He never said he Pac was talking about he only said that he wasn't the one.
God's Boy
*OH YOU A MUSLIM NOW !? no more dope game.* :(
Much Love bro. That coffee aint shit tho smh
Greg White
He was talking about dana every body called him mouse pacs best friend around here dana still got unreleased songs of pac still u can go on dana smith on facebook or Baltimore 2pac on utube or mouse man in 2pac. I know pacs cousin malik his grandmother in aunt still live around my way
Yo Mu, why do you go by \
Hip Hop TV WHY
Godd Bless You Homie !!!
My older brother. Man I wish you was my older brother, I got no brothers
Hoodlim NZ
Why change to Islam? I don’t understand. Money made from outlaws made you move up huh?
James Fitch
The Song was about Pac's best friend from Baltimore name \
James Smith
Black people got too much damn religion as it is. You’re still a black man living in a system of white supremacy. So what’s the next move?
Kinana Al Rabi
if Pac still alive, he might make a different song on islam..i bet cha!
M .R6
حط ترجمه لمقاطعه
M.F. Luder
Does Mutah ever read these comments?
Maan Kaabe
Salam Aleykum Brother Mutah i have always love you so much for the sake of Allah. {Peace&blessings}
Mahmud KH
Brother what's your Instagram account
رائع 😃
Michael M
Is he Sunnah or Shiia?
Michael Streich
Ok, so What's Hail Mary about?????
Mikael Munk!
Mr.Coffe Man. if he isnt allready drinking coffe he is definativley on his way to pick some up
Phillip Taylor
Are we talking about Islam. Prophets name me one Prophet prophecy
Pure Matrix
Tupac ain't dead, and Napoleon knows it!
Pure Mind
the nation of Islam has nothing to do with Islam other than the name. thank u sir for this clarification I hope we pass this to a lot of misled brothers in U,S who think they are following the real Islam.
Mashallah brother, may Allah SWT keep you steadfast in the deen
Rayan Douni
ramadan mubarak brothers and sisters
Ricardo Colon
He grew up alot props
Rock Bone
Leave that tupac nonsense
Saif Hasan
Ramadan Mubarak brother
Sara Dobravc
Shabby theezaddy
Ramadan Mubarak in advance akhy
Shaham Shaham
I love u brother. If u want to learn what is really islam u must go india. In India in dilly there is a markas if u go there u can learn what is really islam more thaqwa people's living in that place. Don't take a miss about me for saying this even Saudi is good place to learn about Islam because it's our holly land but now the situation is impossible. Saudi people actually they are good but now they forgot many things about what mohommad nabisallahu alaywasallam told. Any way just try once to go India insha Allah u will feel something well. Because whole the world is going to that place for learn the islam even saudi. I am a fan of outlaw and I am a sri lankan
Soldier4life P.R.
I been Pac & outlawz fan since the start. Im glad u still alive and even do i dont share the same beliefs cause im a christian belief in Jesus Christ as God said in hes word he the truth the way and the life our only savior and not just a profet. I still got love 4 u brother. Im from Puerto Rico always follow your channel and stuff. God bless u brother
Stefan King
You was a hero of mine but not sure now bro
Sultan Çelebi Mehmed
Selamûn Aleykûm Ramazanınız mübarek olsun 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷☝️😎
Sun Of God
Oh you a Muslim now no more dope games \n✝Napoleon✝
Lol Saudi is hated by many muslims\n\nLook at Yemen smh\n\nDisgrace
Todd Jackson
Shut up dude...pac been dead..beat it wasn't interesting then and u ain't now!!!
Tupac Shakur
Allah Hu Akbar
Turned2 Thedarkside
Ultimate Motivator
How the saudis treat you?
Usman Ali
Pac told stories of lessons to me he told me In I ain’t at cha is no matter what bad you have done you can always come back and fix yourself and your people
I see you in London tooting as Salaam
Wadah AlMatar
Brother Mutah, I used to respect you back in the day...I do respect you more now and I ask Allah to give me the chance to meet you...Much love and respect brother...\nThank you for all your efforts..
Yosef H Karno
Brother can you translet yoer talk to arabic pleas man pleas❤❤
One of my favorite songs of 2pac
chosen one
Murder of the crows
christopher Burks
I thought u were a israelite brotha..I didnt know u were muslim..that's coo..PEACE BROTHA
dante imferma
Coffee is Haram man. You body should be your temple and not abused by drugs,even if their are legal.
Damn near 85 years in and people still saying Nation of Islam have nothing to do with Islam. Shows how little we know as a people. Smh.
Jimmy henchmen had this guy spooked made him become Arab.😂😂
john alkh
Islam has slaved the black people longer than white people could of imagine
john matt fic jic
MashaAllah brother
khalfa mohamed
I am from libya i love you in allah
koper 26
From saying my name is na-po-leon i get my plesure out if sinnin on a track to thiss mashalah!!
mohammed gumaa
I've watched some videos for tupac and he talked about Islam and Muslim.
noriega sycyliano
yo gol to Jehowa witnes
Hey Napoleon... one question. \nIn the religion of Islam... are you forced to grow a beard ..or is it a choice???
sadoom_80 .ٰ
💕😘Ramadan kareem to everyone
skip jr
Jayson Tatum is the tall skinny version of napoleon 🤣🤣
smith housen
He's not lying about a lowrider out there... being in the military and going to kuwait they have vehicles just like ours in the states. I saw old schools on rims and was like WTF!!! It's real out there..
super boy
respect for not lying. he could have lied about the song was about him.
this too shall pass
Jesus is the only way were in the last days dont get left behind!
yosif abakar
Ramadan Mubarak my brother
Asalam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.....
الرد المباشر
فلودر ٍفلودر
كمال المغربي
Ramadan Mobarak
محمد التميمي
good 👍