Little Mix - Wings (One Love Manchester)

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Little Mix perform Wings at One Love Manchester.Visit the BBC Music website for more videos

2017 BBC Music Little Mix One Love Manchester Wings bbc

#littlemixer 4 life
Alexandra Monteiro
I know little mix exist but i dont listen to their music, but dang i came across one love concert and i saw this. Hmmm they are efing talented. I better watch their songs now. Hold up
Ali Ahmead
We need a collaboration between little mix and shawn mendes
Althea Cabello
You know people sleep differently. Some people sleep on their back or on their side. Others like to sleep on Little Mix's talent
Amore Zahora
They're performing for free to help make money for the victims family's and this was last minute, they can wear whatever they want. If you only care about what they're wearing then that says more about you.
Anwesha Das
My favorite hair on Leigh Anne 😍😍😍
Ariana Cabello
Arnav Vaidyanathan
Jade is soooooooo GOOD!!
They ditch promoting their latest single on tv (BGT) and get paid so they can perform one song, their oldest single at this beautiful event to pay some respect and love to Manchester and the victims without getting paid and people still focus on their clothes that they supposed to wear on BGT??? Really people?? This event should brings us together yet people still find something to argue and hate about. Their intention, their heart, hard work (flown from their tour to MCR and fly back to continue their tour), their song and the meaning behind it, their smile, their voice is way more important than what they're wearing on stage. You should focus more on that.
Avakin Rex
Wow nine months and here i am but jessy at the start😂😂😂
jade high key happy she slayed that high note
Sorry for all those who like fifth harmony but I personally and its my opinion but I think that little mix is better idk its just that fifth harmony just became like the other people they start making music about sex and love and little mix might put some in there but the don't make a whole album or song about it please don't hate it's my personal opinion
BTS Fangirl Kim TaehyungXox
Jesy's power is on 100% 😂😂😂\nI love her
Billy Boutsady
They won X factor for a reason 😏😏
Camille Anne
I will never get enough of this performance. This is one of my fav. Damn vocals and energy
Catarina Rodrigues
Omg I live for the fans waving their arms in the end
Hello. Harmonizer here and I just want to let you know everything about this song and those harmonies were perfect. I never knew they could do that. I’m truly sorry 😭
That harmonization tho.... Damnnnn
Elmario Mara
Leigh Anne's clothes are on fire
Eltoni Jean Lauzon
This is why I love Little Mix. They sound amazing as individuals and they also show how POWERFUL they are as a group!
Emily Williams
Jesy has more energy in this video than I've had in my whole life.
Emir Düztaş
Jesy was so crazy and happy i loveee herr
WOW! I had no idea they where this good! I was completely blown away.
I wish I had Jesy's energy like yessssss girl!!!!
Funtime foxy
Gemma Nicole
I literally can’t believe people are saying they never knew the girls were this good? Are you bloody serious have you not listened to them before?
Hylian Girl
Damn Jade tuned on ❤🌌
Irene Agterbosch
I remember sitting on a chair in the living room, watching this live and when I saw these girls my heart skipped a beat and I just thought, who are these girls? I knew there big hits like black magic, sotme and wings of course. This was the performance that made me fall in love with little mix, forever and always a mixer!
Ivey Ferrer
Jesy's Hair😍😍
J Russo
OKAY EVERYBODY CALM DOWN. Can people not focus on the little things like what outfit they wore. FOUCUS ON THAT THEY CANCELED BRITAINS GOT TALENT TO PERFORM FOR MANCHESTER. Ugh these petty people these days. Little mix were great btw
Jesy looks so good on this \u003c3
Joanne Denney
I can't believe people gave them grief for their outifts, calling them strippers, prostitutes etc. They were supossed to perform on Britains got Talent but last minute things changed and they wanted to perform for Ariana. the fans, and in honour of the victims of the Manchester arena bombing. They put on a great show, what else should matter?
Just Discreet
5:03 This moment is iconic.
Jyotiranjan Hota
I am obsessed with Leigh Ann's hair and outfit....
Jéssica Vanessa
Leight hair's is Just BEAUTIFUL
Katarina Albarn
Kate H
Still get goosebumps from this whole concert💜
Katerina M.
after this I was 100% sure they were the best opening act for the dwt. They know how to hype up the crowd.
Kimberly Martinez
Currently No. 1 girl group for me.
Kyle Chino
Lea Anne Bugarin
Love how Jesy is owning the stage as if she's alone \u003c3
Not even a fan , but i like their voices& vibe
Lily Biagini
Who cares about their outfits? It was for a beautiful cause and it's about their performance and uniting the community; not their clothes.
LittleLyssa 56
Who else loved Jesy in this vid! (And every other vid! \u003c3) 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Living With Tara
I love how Jesy said “SING IT PEZ!” when Perrie was about to sing 😘❤️ #Pesy
I cried on the acapella part but i cried more when i saw leigh ann with that amazing outfit like damn girl!!!
Mabel Leon
One word:iconic
Magdalena Covaliu
I love Jades outfit but I adore Jesys outfit!!!
Omg i love Leigh Ann's Hair
Maria Grande
jesy seems so energetic
Mariana Leal
can we just take a moment to appreciate that they SLAY every live performance they do? Other artists have sometimes bad sometimes good performances, but they are always flawless. SLAY MY QUEENS💘
Mariku Manuel
3:42 the heaven is opening for our angels
Mark Lovell
Theyre so good at all the songs that they have wrote together
Maury Barros
Its called stage wear not daily wear. Focus on how amazingly talented these girls and the reason for the performance please
Multifandom Lyrics
They chooses a perfect song tho. When people come to this video and judge what they wore, they'll straight up tell em that they don't care about what the others think. Get it? 😂
Myriam Zgheib
OMG the way the crowd reacted at the end so amazing 😍 I wish I could see them live
Nine Brl
I sleep on a bed. You sleep on Little Mix's talent ❤
fucking iconic
Comments: \n1% Talking about their outfit.\n99% Asking people to stop talking about their outfit.
you can easily tell Jesy was born for this
Perrie's dimple
PianoTiles Maniac
Little Mix are true friends. Fifth Harmony really aren’t Camila wouldn’t of left if they were super good friends... Teamwork in both of their performances...\n\n\n\n\n\nLittle mix has more teamwork in their performances.
Potato Directioner
Leigh-Anne looks like a disney princess😍
3:53 \nNo words can describe
Ratul Roy
Jesy looked so active \nShe kept on shouting Manchester..... Love her 😘😍😘😍
Riley allen
i love jessys energy on the stage
Robbie Sharp
What I adore about little mix is that they actually sound exactly the same in person, live. \n\nThe majority of the others do not.
Robin V
Funny how people think the world isn't sexist anymore. Remember when this was live and everybody was talking about how Little Mix \
Ryan Kabunto
I love you Jesy
These girls are beautiful and talented😘😍❤️\n#forevermixer\n\n\nEdit:there energy is 1000% here
Sam Howard
Ngl if little mix was American like fifth harmony they would be 10x more successful, coz being American gives you a better platform than anywhere else. Coz fifth harmony don’t Evan write their own songs unlike little mix that do that, do a better performance and are always perfect at vocals and never use orto tune when live. they deserve so much more than what they have because they are true singers, it’s just they aren’t American ppl think less of them when they are better than any other American girl band to live.
Sammy Styles
A girl who was bullied for her body , size and depressed about her insecurities has now become one of the confident , bold and beautiful persona- She is Jesy!! I just love her and proud being her Fan and little mix!!!
Shaira Angel
I love it how Jesy was so hyped through the whole performance. Like GO JESY!!!!
Social Stories
i like animals cuz they dont talk back lol
Star Ship
Jesy Is so energetic!!!! Iove her
Swikriti Singh
It's surprising to know that people didn't know who they were or how talented they actually are...\nTbh they're very talented and deserve more recognition
Can i just say how much I loved that part when the ENTIRE crowd started to wave in sync? It's just beautiful, and I'm impressed at how Little Mix absolutely SLAYED the entire performance!!!
Tammy. ele
Jesy is exceptionally hyper in this performance, but at least she never let the performance down
The_100x Little_Mix
All of those people who have hated on Perrie for the relationships she’s been in and blaming her for things she never did look at her now she’s stepped on this stage with her amazing girls and sang this powerful heart filled song for all of the lives lost in that horrific tragedy at Ariana’s concert. Love to all❤️
Twd addict
They don't even need auto tune 🤣
Wallflower Wanderer
The best girl group of this generation 💪😎
Winster Chesty
This is my first time hearing these girls and I usually don't like this type of music BUT HOT DAMN THEY'VE GOT POWERFUL VOICES.
Yomna Mostafa
00:55 jade slayed it oh my gosh yes she did it😍😍❤new wings new success and another slay for jade💃💃❤the KWEEN lieghanne ,perrie jesy you are more than perrie-fect😍😘😍😘😚😙😙😗😚😗😚
Yoonnie Loves
That british accent Jade has
jade is always the girl I inspired because she has an amazing voice but they all sang incredible!!?!😘💓💓like if you agree!!?😘😘
aiza heehee
proud to call them my idols❤️
aya Basem
How can they compared to *fifth harmony* . They are amazing they make a mix better than fifth harmony!
blue sky
they are literally the best girl band in the world..😘😍
celeste hernandez
I remember this being the first song I’ve heard from them and immediately loved them
I always found calling a person/people \
They are 4 talented girls. \nThank you Little Mix for this performance ♡
Everytime they sing I get emotional because they're soo great! Ahh they're amazing!!
little mix for me always do a better job than fifth harmony on stage...
princess pizarro
Jessy always give her best when performing,this girl deserves a spotlight yoh😍
sofia ysobelle
Jesy,Jade,Perrie and Leigh 🔥😎😍
They proved so much with this performance💛
Анфиса Кужбанова
Jesy is so wonderful 😍