Samira Said - Bitakat Hob / Eurovision 1980 * 05 Morocco *

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English translation :We are the children of all the WorldWanting to live in peace and serenityWhere there is no hate, no fireNor fighting between neighbours(BIS)Where there is no discrimination between colorsWe have the same origin, we are brothersWe want no wars, neither sufferings We want life, all in peace(BIS)A world where it is safe, where there is love and kindnessWhere there is loyalty and the Great LovePostal Card of love, ????A beautiful bouquet, of every flowerWith hope, all the hopeO World, listen to our requestWe are the children of the whole worldWanting to leave in peace and serenityvocals etc...

1980 Bensaid Eurovision Holland Nederland Samira cairo e... maghreb maroc morocco orient oriental orientale s3eed saeed saeid said سعيد سميرة

très belle chanson me rappelant la belle époque de mon enfance
Ad Sd
she is very famous now listen to her song
Adam Malsagov
nice song by the way
Atef Boughanmi
lovely song Samira
Turkey should have voted 12 points to this wonderful song. It is our shame. Sorry for that.
Morocco should come back to EUROVISION. This country is european in many ways, and is separated from Europe only by a geographical accident (Herculis is to blame for that).\nThis song \
Berkay Sahin
Wow,she is pretty good
Bertie Ahern
Great song and wonderful sound. Should have placed *much* better. Hopefully they return to Eurovision soon and broaden European ears to some great arabic influences!
:O ¿Qué hace Marruecos en Eurovisión?
Doğan Güneş
I can understand a few words in this song, because we have some Arabic words here in Turkey :) Thanks to Morocco for giving the first 12 points we ever got. I hope you and we will come back to Eurovision again.
Dramatic Scar
Morocco should come back because they give... like they gave, a arabic touch to the contest \nAlso figuring they would be affected by the political reasons they would give 12 points to their closest, Portugal and Spain(which they desperatly need).\nAlso this song is incredible
Dutch Yeah
Not that i care much about this contest, but i do find it necessary to say something about it, since i read so many unfair opinions about whether Morocco should or shouldn't be in this contest. First of all, Morocco was a founding member of EBU and since they're still an active member it's not up to you guys to decide that they no longer can enter, they can whenever they'd like. They have in my views even more right to do so than all eastern European countries since most of those countries only joined in the 1990s. Armenia, Cyprus and Israel are not in Europe at all and they do participate too without any objections. Turkey (only 3% of its territory is in Europe) is also participating without any objections. Same for Azerbaijan and Georgia (both less than 5% of their territory is in Europe) So i don't see why Morocco should not be able to participate. Furthermore, Morocco is alot more European than one would think, it's far more European than African, which is logical since it's only 13 km from Europe. Also, only 50% of Moroccans is Arab. Anyway, enough said about this. As i said before since Morocco is a founding member of EBU, it's not up to anyone but themselves to decide whether they would enter the contest again or not.   
Espen van den Kleeven
Im so old that I remember this song in ESC, it was an big issue if Morocco should participate, as Israel back in early 70s. And Libanon.This later days when Australia seems to be common members I dont see any problems why others can't join in. ESC is not was it was sadly. But change the name if you want something else.
Eurovision Cyan
If Israel won't participate anymore,Morocco can come back!
Ezos Backwelt
Look Samira Said Youm wara youm
Fatima Tazerzite
اغنية أكثر من رووووووعة \nأول مرة اسمعها من \nاجمل اغاني الزمان الجميل\n❤🌹💖❤❤❤❤
Gonçalo S.
An elegant presentation of a beautiful message.
Hajjam Driss
trau coule et pardon
Hasan Can
Bu 1. Olmalıydı
Hendrik DaStar
I really would like to see Morocco return & other nations to join in as well. Maybe that will help us get together united instead of divided
Eurovision is not only for Europe. It's a contestant for all memebers of EBU. Morocco is an old memeber, so if it wants it can participate. If the moroccan tv channel 2M become a member of EBU, we will go back soon. But with the corporation SNRT will be very difficult.
Jack Walker
A remarkable effort, Samira Said would go on to become an Arab Pop queen despite finishing 2nd to last. I'll always wonder if Morocco's participation in 1980 was a one-off for the contest's 25th edition or as they say Israel weren't competing that year which I don't believe cause if so they would've returned next few occasions Israel were absent. I wouldn't mind seeing Morocco back in Eurovision but seems unlikely, don't want song this to be their forever only entry. Eurovision isn't just for Europe but also countries near the continent or who have deep historical/cultural European links.
Jim Forss
Johnny Dee
Undoubtedly, one of my alltime favourites !
My ears are bleeding omg
Leah Rowden
I don’t understand Arabic!
Literally Felicity
Its not good
Lovisa L
please return to eurovision\u003c3
Mahonet Bolbol
ان أغنية من هذا الحجم يجب أن تكتب بماء من ذهب على غرار شعر المعلقات ..وكأني بكلماتها وأنغامها قد جاوزت حدود المحسوس لتسمع في الفضاء ما بعد الكوني فكأن الملائكة قد رقصت على ايقاعاتها الفخمة وسكرت بمضامينها الإنسانية المؤثرة فهبت جميعا لتلبية نداء سميرة التي وهبها الله من المواهب ما لم يهبه لامرأة على الأرض فمرحى وتهانينا للأستاذ عبد العاطي آمنا كمهندس لهذه الأغنية ذات المستوى الرفيع ..أنا أذكر مشاركتها في مهرجان دولي أو متوسطي حيث لم يعرها أحد اهتماما إلا من سبع نقط يتيمة من إيطاليا لكن الأغنية أقوى من مجرد الإشعاع المتوسطي أو الدولي والحقيقة آتية لا مراء فيها ....
Maram K
Kapot leleek
MarcCS 71
Yes plis
Martti Immonen
I adore this artist, this song and Morocco. I do wish, that Morocco would come back and I am at their service if so wanted and would coach them to the road of success. Just contact if so :)
And sadly since then Moroccans never participate again ....
Maxime T
It's better than \
Mert Sümbül
it's the first country that gives 12 points to turkey in esc history. but turkey gives 0 them. they became second last by taking 7 points from italy.
Miguel Angelo
Mina Bent Laarbi
Mous Mous
belle chanson❤
Nikola Grdanoski
Morocco is Afruca, not Europe
first Samira Said, and second Loreen\nenough said
I looove this song so much! I need and want Morocco to come back! Pleeeeeeease!! Greetings from Barcelona! ;)
To be honest, this song deserved a better place, I ain't Arab but Norwegian, this song sounds very nice
OMamaMia Poop
Is it weird that I think this song is good o.o
Omar Golding
Way way better than \
Panthera Leo Leo
Patrick Cosgrove
It's a real shame they only entered once, morocco is a lot more European than some current countries! Armenia? It's practically in Iran!
Paweł Lipkowski
My 1980 favorite, greatest Samira \u003c3\n\nBring 2M TV to the EBU, let Morocco appear again, along Israel with peace. We are all children of this world :)
Pedro Pessoa E Costa
The good old days of a great friendship... when the back singers were a courtesy from Portugal ... they were there for the portuguese song and later to support Morocco !
Peruvian Kebab
I love this song! I still wonder why it got son low in that moment\nMorocco should return to Eurovision!
Rayane Ibenkhayat Zougari
Rúben Luso
Morocco will return one day?\nPortugal and Spain should help you to return...\n\n\u003c3 from Portugal
amazing message of love and hypocrisy since they refuse to participate as long as Israel participate
what place did she get?
Tell Me Ivan
Please return
The Life of Gert
Very nice song! Greetings from Estonia!
She has an amazing voice.
Vaulson Neoleon
Europe was so cruel to this song
Victor Vector
ammaan petrol caniim petrol artik sana sana sana
This language doesnt sound good
What's Up?
Ojala para el 2015 vuelva así le da ese toque árabe a Eurovisión
William Rozario
Morocco come back!
X HOxha
Why do you think the only paticipation of Morocco is in 1980? Because Israel didn't participate that year that's why! The time for morocco to return was between 1981-1998. In 1999 televoting ruined the contest and it would be difficult for morocco to get any points
Xavier Poelaert
This country can come whenever it accepts Israel 😉
aicha mekila
لو كانوا فهموا كلمات الاغنية لكانت هي الاغنية الناجحة لكن ياخصارة الغرب لا يقدرون قيمة اللغة العربية .احبك سميرة الانيقة ،ومن قلبي تحياتي اليك
barack brahms
Samira Said ended second to last in 1980s Eurovision, and now she is a DIVA of the Arabic music!! WOW!
Awwah !
It's a shame... Lebanon was allowed to participate in Eurovision but didn't merely because of Lebanon's banning of Israeli content... I hope Lebanon can open up to Israel soon because I'd love to see more Arabic related content! (Egypt personally would be a very good candidate for an arabic Eurovision country, because they're in the European broadcasting range and also have set up relations with Israel, making it much less likely to not participate solely because of Israel.)
boschra bosch
had oorniya khasha t3awd tranna dima hit kan3ichoha dima ....
I hope Morocco will come back to Eurovision in 2014.
dimitri Nakashidze
Samira Bensaïd is Arabic version of Dana International. Why those juries placed this so low!
guillermo mendoza
¡viva morroco en eurovision!.... ¡ustedes cambiaron la musica en esc!... ¡que originales!
haute forme
Le retour du Maroc serait toujours le bienvenu.
I hope we wont comeback for some reasons! I am moroccan btw\nMorocco is too good for Eurovision for example 1980! \u003c333\nWe get more bad places if we participate so a big waste of money!!'\nWe have a lot of song contests too many imo so extra one doesnt make any sence\nI also dont think Eurovision will be popular in Morocco!\nEuropeans dont understand Arab music!\nAlso i am against it if morocco sent something like european music!\nThen people will remember it as the country who sent unoriginal music\nEurovision isnt good as in the past its now all about the performance\nIts also too political! not a song contest! will be very negative for Morocco!\nIf we participate we wont sent our style of music but what Europe like!\nEtc.
javier rosa rodriguez
Most underrated song ever in the festival.
john poster
Ah ah, tantas polêmicas acerca da nossa identidade...Cada ser humano é diferente, com histórias diferentes e um património genético diferente tb. O relevo de Portugal e Espanha é tão variado que os mouros não tiveram uma influência equitativa, o norte da península teve muito menos influência mourisca do que no sul. E os cristãos não tinham que se converter, pagavam um imposto cujo nome me escapa agora ; p E essa coisa de dizer que os soldados mouros violavam e trucidavam todos os que não partilhavam a mesma religião enerva-me, os soldados cristãos tinham os mesmos processos... Vejamos só o fado dos judeus na península... E tudo aquilo pelo nome de Deus...Enfim!Sou português, pode ser que tenha sangue árabe como não pode ser o caso, mesma coisa para os judeus, o facto de terem vindo à península não significa que tenha havido uma miscelânea sanguínea obrigatória com os povos anteriores (visigodos, romanos, celtiberos, celtas etc.) mas houve sim uma mistura de culturas !Esses povos tiveram presença em Portugal! Mas não podemos saber dos quais cada um de nós somos fruto ! É surpresa !Haja alegria, haja eurovisão !
I really think they were underrated here. It's a very beautiful song and I love the message! You go Samira!
This song was, is and will always be too good for Eurovision (sigh)!
moi le matin
It's a EUROPEAN contest!!!morocco is in north africa ,the same for israël, it's in middle east ,they have nothing to do there.turkey, yes.half in Europe, half in asia.
Why not Marocco un ESC? Anyway, we have Australia...
oğuzhan oğuz
nothing is impossible !!
reserak 07
Je me rappelle comme si c'était hier. Heureusement que l'Italie l'a noté sinon elle aurait eu zero
Es miembro de la Unión Europea de Radiodifusión
Always loved this when I was 15 back in 1980 (and the Turkish entry Pet'r'oil\
tecleator tecleator
i think we shouldnt had left the eu contest because we are letting go a great opportunity of showing our great culture and its like we should be more present more influent both for our emigrants who i think would be very happy to hear some arab or amazight (berber) voices in there, and for those others who dont know nothing about our culture those who only have had contact with us in their own languages, i think that even if they dont vote for us they would see that our language is as powerfull as english and for sure that would make some of them want to learn arab. in this post im speaking as magrebi but im also convinced that it would be good for us the emigrants to have more presence in eu tv's and create some kind of influence, that influence that we had once over the world, because these days its all about influence you can ask putin and RT.
this is my favorite of all moroccan entries
Βασιλική Oικονομοπούλου
Seriously, why did only Italy give this song points? It's amazing. We're sorry for dealing this injustice of a placing to you, Morocco.
Γιαννης Δελαπορτας
They sing that they're all children of the world only when Israel is absent.. So ironic..
Morocco you were soooo far from your season!!! A catchy, West African song with a beautiful theme, piece! Because in 1980 Egypt and Israel had war each other. 12 points from Greece!!! Please come back to Eurovision! :-)
יובל צים
they dont back if israel practipate
شموخ رجل
قديمة جدا
قناة شفائي في غذائي
شحال ف عمرها هنا = 24
#JusticeForMorocco \n#بغينا_المغرب_ترجع