Stone Cold Vs The Undertaker 01/20/1997

RAW January 20, 1997

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Abhishek M
Who was this white t-shirt guy
Adam Essa
Adam boos
Alwin Jesuraj
Undertaker is super
Brant Frans
Great legends.
Coco Ravd Dela Cruz
AttitudePOP who won in this match?
Cory Landolt
The glory days!!! Why does time have to move so fast... Man, I miss those days!!!
4:53-4:56 King doing a JR impression 😄
Cs Scott
La femme Nikita was a great show
Daksh The King
Darryl Jackson
Wow. Classic. One of the few times I haven’t heard a pop for the stunner around the 5 minute mark.
Erika McCreary
I had no idea that paul bearer managed Vader. And the king is actually cheering for stone cold. Just a year later he was not cheering for him.
jobber taker
Greg Engel
Doesnt mentioning Undertaker being fined his Royal Rumble purse kind of humanize The Undertaker
AttitudePOP I know it's a little bit early but congratulations for 400k subs!!!! ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
Hemanta Dhal
So great Undertaker
Hetram Saini
Attitude pop osmmmmmm
ISanket More
Bad Ass
J Crash
1994 or 1997 Bret Hart?
J. Butler
6:00 what was going on between vader and bret hart
Jayesh Jondhale
Undertaker was so Goldberg was not there at that time..
Jeff Cranford
This was back when WCW was running wild! So this is my first time seeing this
Jobber Milk
Almost at 400k subs! (: 👍
Joshua Vildor
2:49 The Undertaker tells Stone Cold to do the neck breaker
I’m guessing stone cold won
Legend Gotta Catch Em All
Amazes me that Austin GOT OVER ORGANICALLY & was never derailed. Today, RUSEV gets over on his own, kept off television. Vince needs to step down.
Lokesh Doppa
Always undertaker
❤❤❤❤All these legends...Big fan of Taker
Now this is my Undertaker. The 1990’s Undertaker.
Mohd Yakub
stone gold always favouriate
Nikhil Jaiswal
The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart were the only bankable wrestlers in WWF during their bleak 1995-97 years. Austin then basically overtakes them in a year
Still on Stone Cold 9/17/2018
Patrice Ikome
Great vid stone cold was my favourite
Paulam Rana
Hart's aggression vs Austin's madness vs takers agile fitness vs fatness of vader
Prince gujral
Psk Psk
Undertaker is the POWER
Ramil Javier
That Vince McMahon Over The Top commentary though... annoying at times but man it's music to my ears
Rick Razor
Robin Das
Rocky Maivia
Old days raw was much better than today's episodes..
Running Man
Please upload full royal rumble matches of 1997,98 and 2001
05:21 #UnderTaker 👍👌👏 #StoneGold Ohhhhh 😁😂😤
Shan Shan
Shawn Michaels
I’m the Heart Break Kid!
Siva Raj
If I am not mistaken Mark Calloway was one of Austin's first opponent as a pro wrestler long before WWF
Thanks for this I really enjoy your videos 😘
Striving For Eternal Life
They both take hits well, good acting
Stylez s
Stone Cold ✔ 💯 💪 💀 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻
The Phenom channel
Tin Jos
You watch Stone Cold and Bret and they make it look so legit and violent, like a real fight, yet they rarely hurt one another. Compare that to a lot of the wrestling today, that looks fake, like acrobatics, yet guys are constantly getting injured.
Tom Moose
Wow! Underrated match til the DQ finish. I personally loved the austin vs undertaker match at cold day in hell in your house in may later that year. Attitudepop can you try and upload the match between austin and bret at revenge of the taker?
Wakabu Abu
stone cold is the best
Xander Ashes
Its time! its time! its Vader Time!
Xavier Tueros
Ya7ia Ya7ia6
What ?
Yung Outlaw
Zykeil Harper
UNDERTAKER AND STONE COLD................... enough said!!!!!!!
manasseh alphonse
Jerry is the best!
mysterious x
Steve Austin was a savage back then
neyo lewis
Rattle snake
I miss these days man. I was 7 years old glued to the tube. Heel jerry Lawler can never be replaced. All 4 of these guys were the most popular and hated including Sycho Sid and Shawn Michaels. Wrestling could not be on your TV in the 90s!!!
pushkar Reigns 3:16
attitude pop why don't u make video on top 10 attitude era for example top 10 pops, top 10 backstage brawls etc 😮
shiundu ouma
Wwe is the undertaker n undertaker is wwe
sid john
Lol he rings bell like my guard does at
ssnader a
That time period from when sycho sid became champ in 96 to the time he lost it at wrestlemania was my favorite period of all time.sid, shawn, bret, taker, austin ,vader, mankind were all part of the storyline involving the wwe title during those 5 months.they all just kept getting screwed by one another over and over again
Wow this was that still scary undertaker... and man is it funny to hear Jerry the king Lawler rooting for Stone cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold faced The Undertaker more than anybody else. They had great feuds with good storylines especially in 98, 99.
wwe crezy fans
Sir, can i monatize wwe vedios in 2018 and will youtube passed my channel review after using it .Plz repley.
ريان دي كابريو] RAYAN DiCAPRiO
Then was amazing and better than now