Flipside Memphis - Lord T. Eloise

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Theyre rich. Really, really rich. Demandingly, murderously rich. Jay Z? A piker. Bill Gates? A peasant. Lord T. and Eloise? Rich and getting richer. Fred Smith? He may think he has some scratch, but these Memphis rappers are actually gold-plated.Funky to the bone and owners of all they survey, Lord T. and Eloises 2008 album Chairmen of the Bored document their jet-setting lifestyle from The Yacht to Palm Beach to Kinky love afairs with Hollywood Stars. Is it an act? Is that just gold makeup? No, theyre really that rich. In a world where nouveau-rich rappers are a 50 cents a dozen, these guys are the real thing: So old school, theyre actually blue bloods. Not just crunk—aristo-crunk.Lord T. and Eloise )additional location audio by Chad Whiteproduction assistance by Shelly GilletteAnimation titles and graphic design by Alex Harrison

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