Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Legendary Power Rangers | Episode 10 "Dimensions in Danger"

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 10 Intro Scene. The Power Rangers meet the Legendary Power Rangers. Lord Draven captures Tommy and creates an evil robotic clone.Cast: Jason David Frank (Mighty Morphin Green Ranger), Jason Faunt (Red Time Force Ranger), Li Ming Hu (Silver RPM Ranger), and Yoshi Sudarso (Blue Dino Charge Ranger).Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 10 Clips:

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I'm confuse!\nThey know Tommy Oliver and Wes, How exactly!? 😯🤔\nSince when did Mick told them that there are Other Ranger Teams!?\nI still think Dino Charge is in the Main PR Timeline!\nI think the Ending of Dino Super Charge Created the *Dino Charge World* that Koda is Living right now where Dinosaurs are not Extinct!\nAlso! I thought Koda returned back to his Caveman Time!? Why is he wearing his Dino Charge Uniform/Outfit!? 😯🤔\nCause if you watch Dino Charge!\nSledge knew about the existent of Power Ranger! Why is that!? 🙂🤔
Adam Benton
Now that i can say it lol i met jason faunt today at the comicon in erie and got a photo with him in the suit!
Akuma Sin
Knew it lord drakkon time force ranger created him wow why I didn’t see that coming
Albert Jason Alburo
Maybe the other Legendary Rangers from Super Megaforce like TJ, Cassie, Leo, Karone, Damon, Carter, Dana and Wes have children too.
Alex Phillips
We'll be seeing J.J. real soon in December in an orginal graphic novel \
Andrew Melendez
Do you think Kimberly is the mom lol or Kat?? Thoughts??
Axcel Julio
I just noticed how the trio is made of three Rangers which represents three different PR eras.\n\nWes: Original Saban era\nGemma: Disney era\nKoda: Neo Saban era
Chris Wincek
it would have been awesome if they had made a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,Dino Thunder & Dino Charge crossover event when Super Dino Charge what's going on.
Connor Westefeld
Wait... does the kid NOT look for his dad?
Loved the episode
Cunning Smile
Wes retire from the Silver Guardians?
Daniel Schmidt
when did he get a son and who's the mom?
David J Alvarez
That smirk JDF.. reminds me of the evil green ranger. Freakin awsome
Davidcito Gutiérrez
Well they confirm it RPM and Dino Charge are in seperate universe.
Deka Red
So does this mean every season takes place in a separate universe? Also how do they all know who Tommy is? I know it's just fan service, but how can they all be from separate dimensions and planets but they all know Tommy?
Drew Sellick
1:24 that would explain how the RPM rangers were in the Legendary Battle, but I’m pretty sure Koda got his dimension remote after the infamous Dino Super Charge finale
EJ Elec Flame Tails
At least it's better than Once a Ranger. I say Once a Ranger, since Legendary Battle was a beaten dead horse.
Equestria girls 262
Evan Septory
Tomy oliver is the johnny sins of power ranger
Evil Production
So dino charge and RPM are not in the same universe😨, did not know that 😆
The legendary red time force ranger : Wes
Flash Flash
Gotta love being a Power Ranger!!!!!!!!
Gean supremo Amparo
Hybrid Beastling
Tommy is a dad then who’s the Mom Kimberly or Kat
Happy Anniversary POWER RANGERS\n\nPower Rangers Super Ninja Steel, Congrats and this is awesome.
Ismael A
Was good but could have been extended another episode. Traditionally crossover episodes have been 2 episodes. Give more dialogue. Like rocky, Kay and Tj barely spoke. And they could of had an awesome moment when they morphed. Instead of all morphing together it could have focused on everyone morphing as if they were in their season. Would of been lit. Also the fight with tommy and tommy could have lasted longer giving him time to use his other ranger forms longer and maybe use the white alien power and red turbo. Pretty good though.
Jeffery Phillips
Tommy the Green, White, Red and Black Ranger. Wes the Red Ranger. And Koda the Blue Ranger (An real life brother of Peter the Blue Ranger).
Jerry Indangan
Julian Baidak, Raptor Knight III
I’m with Hayley on this one because I suspected life did find away
Kenny Kasensouk
You can always trust Tommy Oliver
Kevin The Pro
Gemma hasn't aged a day!! Don't know the actress's name sorry
Khadija Elhassouni
عجبني شكرن
Kookie lover
Kodaaaaa😍\nPower Rangers Dino Charge !!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😘😍😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😗😍😘😍😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😍😘
Kyo Juvel Kusanagi
Hope this is the start of drakkon's plan to exterminate the rangers
Bro release the rest of the episode including the first fight where the ninja steel rangers invade the fortress and fight lord dravon. That fight was better than the second fight against the army imo. Meanwhile no one has uploaded.
That fanfiction headcanon of the rangers all knowing each other despite different teams and dimentions has just been confirmed omg XD
I knew since the day \
Lupin Green
Even though the fight against dravon was from ninninger movie I loved it so much. The way they were fighting was like true ninjas that have come from not knowing anything to ninja rangers, that is incredibly epic. I just hope they have more fights and ninja tricks like they did this episode for the rest of the season
Maroza Sulaiman
So this episode was basically a live action Shattered Grid, with bonus evil Tommy (but not Drakkon)
Metro Sonic
In season to remember from Power Rangers Zeo we see an elderly Tommy and Kat together. In forever red, it have confirmed that Kat is Tommy's wife.
Minh Thuận
JJ tommy son
Mj Universe
I wanted Conor Kira and Ethan to at least be mentioned...
Mr Mels
Кто русский лайк\nПосмотрим сколько нас
Neo-Saban Power Rangers
Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 10 Clips:\nhttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbt09tWqepBRsFnoT42Nfw6tRK3iVAC4l
Neric Powell
Its funny how Koda speaks perfect english when he has the black robe on 😂
NyQuiiL Cold & Flu
Holy shit, a real explanation for how all the ranger teams exist in the same universe. Good writing, I’m impressed.
Orange-Dino Ranger
omggggggg tomy the black dino ranger is backkkkkkk
Otniel Romeo
0:44 The legendary rangers' cloaks are gone after they demorph. It's kinda weird.\n0:51 The way Gemma says \
Patrick Lyons
Shattered Grid: The Episode
Wait...if Gemma got her RPM morpher back. Didn’t she notice one of the morphers has venjix in it? Because in the final episode of RPM, venjix was inside of Ranger red’s morpher alongside with the Green, Black, Yellow, Blue, Gold and silver. Or did venjix escaped?
Hes a dad now?! Lmao whaaat!
Predator Arroyo
We knew it!\nWes and my two favorites, Gemma and Koda are back, even Tommy. 😃\n\nBesides, Miu is so happy to see Gemma this year. No seriously, Miu appeared too in the movie of 10 grand prix of Go-Onger of this year in 2018. \n\nI love Gemma and Miu! 😍💕
Princess Rosalina
Amazing job keep up the good work
Dino Charge confirmed to be a different dimension? Oh thank god.
Rio DeLeon
Weird, right?
RodGoesBOOM !
Man! Tommy finally settled down, got a son and a wife, and a dojo.
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Wes keeps messing with the damn timeline....bro you looking for trouble.
Samsung FSM
I heard that Kimberly was going to be his wife but she Amy Jo had other commitments so they wanted to make Katastrophe his wife but Tommy was hooking up with Kim between Forever Red and Dino Thunder so anything's possible.
Scott Reynolds Studios
This is confusing this kinda contradicts the legendary war doesn't it?
Sing Wah Lin
Aaahhh....\nThe blue brothers.
Sparkle brown, SuperColorful, and Boy
Stephen Nguyen
So ninja steel is in the same universe as might morphin, Dino thunder, etc
Supafly Official
I wish there wouldve been some kinda reference to Koda and Preston looking like brothers. Maybe Preston could even be this universe's descendant of Koda.
That pink ranger is so hot
Lord Tyler1
So uh Tommy gets a Universal morpher for all his ranger forms?
Turki Abdullah
Is it me or Wes still looks young 😂
Wardi Mahmoud
Pawar rengers Waa LA wasaaH
Wildfire 432
Something original for once Saban, haven’t seen that since RPM
will jason ever return? :'(
clash gamer br
Sou português
dance rock
I was so excited seeing tommy Oliver in action again
Wow, it's the exact same house from Dino Thunder! Also, nice to know Venjix is acknowledged twice in this series (although the first time was worthless...)
Wooooooooooooow they had some background continuity explanations! I’m impressed
kikis deliveryservice
Tommy is a daddy.... who's the wife???? Kat???
lex he
i know.koda
logan starnes
i am speechless and you should be to.
naim natsu
Omg this anniversary make me feels like PR is building their own universe(i know that forever red, once a ranger and PRSM has proved it)...but i feel MORE about it when they started to repeatedly mentioned the morphing grid\n\nP/S : maybe i do not aware of morphing grid's existence during after In Space and before Ninja Steel, my bad :(
Nice to see two brothers working together as blue rangers
pitXel 150
if i have to guess Dinocharge takes place in a different dimension after they changed History & saved the Dinosaurs cuz like Alex, Kruger & Kat said to their Rangers “If History is changed so will the timeline the Rangers are from”
steven alvarez
More of Tommy's son JJ will be shown in his Graphic Novel, Soul of the Dragon.
What really bothered me about this episode was the fact that there was no special moment between Preston and Koda.
zero playz gamer
tommy looks young