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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Official Trailer | Hasbro Superheroes | Power Rangers 2019


Power Rangers Beast Morphers Official Teaser Trailer (Power Rangers 2019). Earth has been at peace for several years.

Up Close Hasbro White Ranger 'Lightning Collection' Prototype Display at Power Morphicon '18


The first ever Hasbro Power Rangers toy is revealed at Power Morphicon 2018! The start of the 'Lightning Collection' is here with ...

Power Rangers RPG | HyperForce: Welcome to Time Force Academy | Tabletop RPG (Premiere)


Hyper RPG and Saban Brands present Power Ranges HyperForce, a brand new Tabletop RPG show on Twitch! Sponsored by ...

HASBRO Confirms a NEW Power Rangers Film


The Comic Book Cast is an online geek culture community. Our mission is to deliver content that helps you embrace the film, tv, ...

Hasbro Buys POWER RANGERS! What Happens Next? (Opinion)


My thoughts on the Power Rangers Legacy and Future with Hasbro. SUBSCRIBE! IT'S FREE! Buy ...

Power Rangers HASBRO ERA Explained - Everything You Need To Know About Beast Morphers


Power Rangers HASBRO ERA Explained - Everything You Need To Know about Hasbro and Beast Morphers ...

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Teaser Trailer | Hasbro Power Rangers 2019 | Epic Superheroes


Power Rangers Beast Morphers Teaser Trailer (Power Rangers 2019). Meet the new Power Rangers in Hasbro's Power Rangers ...

Titanium Ranger in Power Rangers Legacy Wars | Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue | Superheroes Game


Titanium Ranger (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue) Leader Moveset and Gameplay in Power Rangers Legacy Wars Game.

Hasbro's Power Rangers: SEQUEL or REBOOT?


Will Hasbro's future Power Rangers movie be a sequel of the 2017 version, or a reboot? Let's find out. Follow me on Twitter: ...

Sequel or Reboot? The Future of Hasbro’s Power Rangers Movies (JulioCoolio)


With Hasbro's recent announcement of future Power Rangers movies, there are many different ways these movies could be made.

Hasbro's Power Rangers Lightning Figure Line Announced


Welcome to my break down of the huge news of Hasbro unveiling its equivalent of the Legacy line, the brand new 6 inch Lightning ...

Hasbro Announces NEW Power Rangers Films


We recently learned that Hasbro had acquired the rights to Power Rangers from Saban Entertainment, and now it looks like ...

7 reasons I think Hasbro could change Power Rangers as we know it


Earlier this month, Saban has closed the gates on Power Rangers after being in charge of the brand for 25 years now and has ...

Power Rangers Lightning Collection | White Ranger Teaser | Hasbro Toys Coming in 2019


Hasbro announced Power Rangers Lightning Collection at Power Morphicon 2018. The first line of Hasbro Power Rangers toy ...



FCBD2018 Haul of Marvel/DC, Riverdale, Power Rangers, TMNT comics and toys. SUBSCRIBE! IT'S FREE!

Hasbro Power Rangers Toys/Collectables/Games Power Hour Panel from Power Morphicon 2018!


For some reason the lights were turned off during this panel, so during the panel the panelists are kinda hard to see though the ...