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<span aria-label="Avatar Sex Gone Wild - SNL by Saturday Night Live 5 years ago 3 minutes, 47 seconds 6,409,349 views">Avatar Sex Gone Wild - SNL


When Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) sends Jake (Bill Hader) to have virtual sex for science, things get awkward when ...

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Lo sé, lo sé, por qué no subes doblajes?!, no os preocupéis, ahí va otro.

<span aria-label="Avatar Love Scene (Rescore) by Austin Gruhn 1 year ago 3 minutes, 6 seconds 2,729,170 views">Avatar Love Scene (Rescore)


Avatar Love Scene (Rescore) Composer: Austin Gruhn Song- Union If you enjoy the music then you can listen to the links here.

<span aria-label="Jake and Neytiri: The Power of Love by Tasha Hill 1 year ago 5 minutes, 38 seconds 3,572 views">Jake and Neytiri: The Power of Love


Hey, guys. Heres another Jake/Neytiri vid. Dedicated to Smalldragon7804 for the song suggestion. I hope you like it. Please view ...

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Sponsored by the lovely folks over at Der Re-Upload zur alten Film-Parodie Avatar aus dem Jahre 2010, in der die ...

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<span aria-label="Deleted Avatar Sex Scene by Daryn Jones 8 years ago 2 minutes, 35 seconds 513,291 views">Deleted Avatar Sex Scene


TheDarynJones. Daryn somehow gets James Camerons script for the Avatar sex scene and shoots it himself. Daryn Jones.

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