Death Note - Suspension

Lets Rant for a Moment! (3: Death Note Suspension)


After watching Bamdude1989s rant about the situation, I decided to share my thoughts on this as well, moreso on people that ...

The Virginia Death Note Case


turkranma asked for a video response of his original video, so here is mine... (I hope turkranma likes it) ----------------- There was a ...

ANOTHER Middle School Girl Suspended Under Investigation Over Death Note Book


Okay this Death Note Sh1t Gotta Stop, Its a Fkn Notebook Not a BOMB or Hit-List! ARTICLE: ...

Re: Virginia Death Note Suspension


This is my personal response to the Virginia Death Note news report that I recently watched on the YouTube. Im basically ...

Death Note Squarepants


World domination...the Spongebob way! *I did not make this video, see credits for more info for those who overlooked it* ...

Death Note (TV) AMV ♫ Suspension


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Child Suspended for having a death note in school


Child Suspended for having a death note in school.

Student carries with names


A student at Florence Elementary school was taken to a treatment facility after school officials found a list wishing harm to other ...

Parents Want Manga Banned After Suicide


Note added upon request: There are spoilers for in this video. A teenage girl committed suicide in Russia, leaping to ...

Death Note: Onision


Death Note if Onision wrote it, theres another episode like this, only L is Kira. Here you go: Death ...4K

Saisenseistudio - Deathnote AMV: Suspension


Saisenseistudio - Deathnote AMV : SUspension Download Link ...

found at Hebron school


NBC 4 at Five.

sparks investigation in Shelby County school


A suspicious list of names prompts an investigation at a local school and concern from parents. Subscribe to WLKY on YouTube ...CC

Deathnote AMV: Suspension ~ Saisensei


Editor: Saisensei (SaisenseiStudio). Song: Blue Stahli - Overklock. Anime: Death Note (TV).

Threatening list found at Nashua High School North


The Nashua school superintendent said Monday that appropriate action is being taken after a book called was ...CC

[Saisenseistudio] - Death Note - Suspension


Editor: Saisenseistudio does this mean ...