Why Polyamory (sadly) cant be for Everyone


Polyamory is an incredibly positive and fulfilling way of life for increasing numbers of people all over the world. At The ...CC

The Cast Of On Fidelity, Hoe-Phases, Switching Spouses More


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Monogamish: The new rules of marriage | Jessica OReilly | TEDxVancouver


This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Jessica showcases the grey-area ...CC

Changing the Way We Think About Consensual Non-monogamy | Nirel Marofsky | TEDxTerryTalks


In this talk, Nirel highlights a number of convincing reasons why polyamory should be a more widely considered option - this ...

Monogamy Ep. #201 (Tomorrows a new day)


After finding out that Stacy wants a divorce. Grayson finds himself on the receiving end of his own therapy session.

What could be wrong with monogamy? Marc de Hond at TEDxEde


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Monogamy, explained


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Can You Be In Love With Multiple People?


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Why Be Monogamous? | Brit Lab


Are we meant to get married, are we supposed to commit monogamy with the same person forever? Hannah Fry explains all!

Christopher - Monogamy (Official Music Video)


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Monogamy May Be Going Extinct


Monogamy may be a thing of the past. Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Alonzo Bodden, and Amberia Allen, hosts of The Young Turks, ...CC

The 3 Things We Get Wrong About Sex, Love Monogamy | Dan Savage


At A-Fest Ibiza 2017 Dan Savage explained the 3 things we get wrong about sex, love and monogamy. You can learn more about ...

Are any Animals Truly Monogamous?


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Joe Rogan - Polyamory, Enforced Monogamy, Hypergamy, Incels |


Joe Rogan talks about polyamory, enforced monogamy, hypergamy, and incels (involuntary celibates) with Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson on Enforced Monogamy


original source: Psychology professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson explains the meaning ...

Should You Be Monogamous?


Monogamy is the gold standard, but is it best?When Millennials Try Environmentalism: ...CC



Hank examines the zoological definition of monogamy, as well as some other breeding strategies that animals use. Like SciShow ...CC

Dan Savage: Why Monogamy Is Ridiculous


The idea that one instance of infidelity should ruin a relationship is a new—and misguided—notion. We need to talk about ...CC

Monogamy Board Game


I apologise for the quality but this is definitely a fun, sexy game and worth the money!

Why We Choose For Non-Monogamy


Non monogamy is a choice that many make in secrecy and guilt, but my husband NaIm and I choose to be free and celebrate ...New