The Biggest Loser S12e03

The Week 6 Weigh-ins - The Biggest Loser


The contestants weigh in for Week 6, and Bob is forced to use his trainer save. » Subscribe for More:  ...

Anna Kournikova at The Biggest Loser (Season 12)


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First 'Biggest Loser' Winner Says He's Now Heavier Than When He Was On The Show


Ryan Benson was the first winner of 'The Biggest Loser' in 2005 and lost 122 pounds. He now admits he is heavier today than he ...

10 Most Amazing Biggest Loser Transformations


10 People who completely transformed on reality tv. Subscribe:  ...

The Biggest Loser - The First Individual Challenge (Episode Highlight)


The stakes are raised, as the winning player also earns immunity for the week. » Subscribe for More:  ...

Incredible Transformations - The Biggest Loser Highlight


The contestants sit down with their trainers to relive their journeys through Season 15. » Subscribe for More: ...

The Biggest Loser - Season 17 Winner! (Episode Highlight)


See who won $250k and the title of the Biggest Loser! » Subscribe for More: » Check Out American ...

The Biggest Loser: Rachel Frederickson's Weight Loss Drop Stirs Up Controversy


Rachel Frederickson's drop from 260 lbs. to just 105 lbs. is stirring up controversy.

Season 12 biggest loser champion


John loses 220 pounds to defeat antone in the finale.

Secrets The Biggest Loser Producers Tried To Hide


If you're new, Subscribe! → For seventeen seasons, NBC's The Biggest Loser pitted obese or ...

Last Chance - The Biggest Loser


The contestants push harder than ever during the Last-Chance Workout, eager to avoid the dreaded double red line in this week's ...

Here’s How The Man Who Won ‘The Biggest Loser’ 10 Years Ago Has Completely Changed His Life


Here's How The Man Who Won 'The Biggest Loser' 10 Years Ago Has Completely Changed His Life SUBSCRIBE ...

Rachel at the Live Finale - The Biggest Loser Highlight


Check out Rachel's big reveal at the live Season 15 finale! » Subscribe for More: » Check Out ...

The Week 3 Weigh-ins - The Biggest Loser Highlight


Tanya faces a difficult weigh-in, and Dolvett uses his trainer save. » Subscribe for More: » Check Out ...

Anna Kournikova on The Biggest Loser season 12 (outtakes)


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