Flysurfer SPEED5 12m (Нарочь 2016 чудный день!)


Школа кайтсерфинга FunnyWind представляет кайт Flysurfer SPEED5 12m с 6-метровыми удлинителями. Шикарный ...

Kitesurfing flysurfer speed 4 lotus 21m and speed5 12m


Videon handlar om östrastrand 2016.

Flysurfer Speed5 Montage [1080p]


I could fly a flysurfer speed 5 15M from Versus kiteboarding. Had a great session with som friends down in scheveningen.

Flysurfer Speed 5 dlx 18 in marginal conditions


Hi dear followers. Heres my first session in marginal conditions with the new Flysurfer Speed 5 dlx 18. This kite rocks! Usually in ...

[EN] MiniDrivers - 10x22 - Mini for Speed 5


Were back! The new MiniDrivers season is on and the best highlights of this season races will be available to you with the unique ...

Testing the Flysurfer Speed5 15m


On the great Fly board beach of Schiermonnikoog Tim is testing the new Flysurfer Speed5 15m. The relaxed playful style of Tim ...

Flysurfer Sonic 2 vs Speed 5. Part 1. Specs LW session


We compared the features tested the Flysurfer Sonic2 vs the Flysurfer Speed5 in 3/4 kts of wind. In this kite review we did a ...

SPEED5 - Access all Areas


The SPEED5 is the best kite system for the highest all-round performance on any terrain and for every ability level. The SPEED5 is ...4K

Welcome Fall 16 - SPEED5 Big-Airs!


After a prolonged summer in the northern hemisphere, fall is coming.. and so are the storms! Here FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider ...

Flysurfer SPEED5 21 Минское Море


Школа кайтсерфинга, тесты кайтов в минске.

SPEED5 ... new dimensions


FLYSURFER is a pioneer of its industry, constantly exploring new paths that lead to progress. The creation of the SPEED5 once ...

Kettler Speed 5


Kettler Speed 5.

SPEED5 ... Allround Performance


We are very happy to announce that the SPEED5 15.0m 18.0m are fully finished and that our 21.0m will follow very soon.4K

Flysurfer SONIC 11m vs. Flysurfer SPEED 5 12m


Testovací a předváděcí den Flysurfer Sonic a Flysurfer Speed 5.

Review Flysurfer Sonic2 vs Speed5. Part 2. Wind range relaunch.


Second review between the Flysurfer Sonic2 and Speed5 is about the windrange and relaunch. We tested both kites in 8 knots ...Субтитри

SPEED5 im Gespräch - Designer Interview


In this German spoken video Armin Harich, from the FLYSURFER Research and Development Team, talks together with ...

Flyradical6 133 Speed5 21m Bodensee Oldschool Kite


Video vom 28.06.2018, Bise am Rohrspitz.